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7475 McKnight Road
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15237
SALES: (888) 422-4375

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Anonymous User

My Review of Baierl KIA:

Bobbi H

My Review of Baierl KIA:
I dont like Baierl as they bought out my old dealership but I really liked the salesman - sorry I forget his name. Went in for service and wondered int the showroom and got a great deal. A pleasant surprise.

Billie Jo S

My Review of Baierl KIA:
This KIA store has gone to hell in a handbasket. The "new improved" manager is part of the problem, rather than part of the solution. His people skills are terrible and that's the sad part because he is supposed to be in charge! The workers are only as good as their leader. It took almost 3 months to have my door handle fixed, after many lies from the parts and service departments. Only after speaking to Bob Baierl did I actually get an appointment to receive service. The window then rattled to the point where I thought it might fall out if I went over a pothole. When I went back to get a sensor light fixed and my window done properly, the service was definately unacceptable. The 2 hours promised (I had 3 kids with me--12, 6,4) turned into 3 and the manager, Mark was anything but a manager. He came into the waiting area to discuss the problem that they had found with the airbag sensor, and in his round-about way of speaking, I got the impression that the airbag "might" not be working. So when I asked him if the airbag would deploy and was safe, he answered "it should be". Well, what is that?, "it should be", that was not good enough, nor was that a profession answer. Within 30 seconds, it went from "it should be" to "Yes, it will be safe". So as I proceeded to ask him a question about the battery (he felt this was the reason behind the sensor problem) he got up and walked away in the middle of me speaking, and walked through another door and left! So after about 10 minutes and he still wasn't coming back, I saw him out in the reception area talking with the guys. I went out, told him that I wasn't done speaking to him, reminded him that he walked away and told him that was really ignorant and you don't do that to your customers (he looked at me like I had 3 heads and could have cared less what I was saying!) He proceeded to tell me that he had an emergency in the back, there was a mouse and the "girls were scared". Gee, I don't remember anyone coming in during our battery conversation and telling him there was an emergency. Then he also said that he didn't realize that I had my kids there and he went to tell the guys to quit swearing. Seems to me that should already be a rule, and how did he not see them, because he came in a least 6 times during the 3 hours, to get coffee, watch tv, and chit chat with other workers, I feel sure he saw them. That's a complement that he "didn't know my kids were there" cause that meant they were being good and not being animals, but he's full of shit. If Bob Baierl thinks Mark is there to help turn the place around, he is so wrong. Mark IS THE PROBLEM. If you could sit and listen to the customers, they all have gripes, and it isn't really about the vehicle, it's the service and how they get jacked around and lied to. Mark allows customers to get to the point of arguing with the reception/scheduling person out front, then he comes running out like big daddy to yell at people. He sits in his office and allows it to happen rather than preventing it. Not a very good management style, nor are his people skills. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing, the parts department tells you what she thinks you want to hear to appease you, and the reputation of the whole place continues to spiral downward. I thank Bob Baierl, cause if it wasn't for him, I would still be waiting for my handle (it was sent to the painters about 3 times) and getting the runaround. So that's my story and when the other Baierl dealers start the new concept of fixing Kia's and not just the one on McKnight road, I'll be there. Thanks!!!!!

Shannon T

My Review of Baierl KIA:
I had a good overall experience. I knew what I wanted. I thought they could have been a bit more flexible in the pricing and at the end of the sale I needed to do most of the follow up because my sales person was going on vacation.

Shannon T

My Review of Baierl KIA:
I had a good overall experience. I knew what I wanted. I thought they could have been a bit more flexible in the pricing and at the end of the sale I needed to do most of the follow up because my sales person was going on vacation.


My Review of Baierl KIA:
John was VERY plesant to deal with! He was really listening to what I said, and it made me feel like I actually had some valid points to make! I would STRONGLY recommend another woman to deal with John Mann. He didn't talk down to me as car salesmen tend to do when talking to a woman. I will most DEFINATELY consider buying my next vehicle from Mr. Mann !!

Jarae P

My Review of Baierl KIA:
I was offended b/c they offered me $1800 for my 2002 Miata with 32,000 miles. They would not take a dollar of the Soul. Held my car keys after I repeatedly asked for them 6 times. Will never shop at Baierl.