Gresham Toyota

950 Ne Hogan Rd
Gresham, Oregon 97030-5899
SALES: (503) 667-1135
SERVICE: (503) 667-5834

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lindsay j

My Review of Gresham Toyota:
Don't ever buy from here, I don't ever want to buy a car again if I have to go through the torture I experienced. It was a high pressure sale, terrible customer service, they lied and cheated and screwed us over in every way possible. And we did our research, were prepared for these tactics, but it was very sly. They told us we were approved for our loan, then called a week later, after we had the car, to tell us we had been denied. I demanded the warranty at cost because of the 1st lie, and they agreed. Months later after something went wrong with the car, I called the warranty place, who informed us that the warranty they had on file was different than what they had. Because the dealership forged my name on the form, and sent them a cheaper policy. I have the paperwork. But when I tried to remedy this, and get what they have promised me, they told me to take the car to the dealership to have it inspected again, which was protocol, and when that was finished they would send it to the warranty company to update our account. So after I did the inspection, about 2 months later I got a letter that said my inspection had been denied, and there was nothing I could do to get the warranty they had promised. So I learned a harsh lesson, should have taken them to court. But hopefully i can stop someone from making the same mistake. pass it along.