Monroeville Kia

3721 William Penn Highway
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15146
SALES: (888) 337-8397

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Kara M

My Review of Monroeville Kia:
I had a horrible experience with Monroeville Kia. My fiance and I did research on cars and I was set on the car that I wanted, a Kia Forte. We went in to Monroeville Kia and started talking with a salesman. We gave him all of my information and were running the numbers. At the time I was 21 years old and this was my first new car purchase and my first car purchase without my mom or dad with me. After he ran the numbers I said I just wanted to call my mom and dad to see what they thought. I am very close with them. He responded by saying do you really need your mommy or daddys permission? I should have walked out then. I said no I don't need their permission but I wanted to discuss it with them. I called and they both said to do what I feel was right and get what I wanted/ needed. I needed a new car because my old one was up for inspection and would need some major work. We went through the payments and I signed all the papers and drove it home. Worst experience of my life.

julie c

My Review of Monroeville Kia:

Laurie P

My Review of Monroeville Kia:
Of course, purchasing a car is a little bit of "game" but my sales guy was great - he was respectful, non-pushy, and explained a lot options.

Kara M

My Review of Monroeville Kia:
The shopping experience alone was terrible. I went with my mother and was very excited after driving a vehicle. I then decided to call my fiance to come look at the car since he would also be driving it from time to time and knows a few things about cars. The salesman (Merlin Cowan) I guess didn't agree with me because he made the remark "are you really going to base your decision off of him?". I said yes and he was on his way. In the meantime my mother and I spotted a different vehicle which was a substantial price difference. The second one was about 7,000 dollars cheaper. I started to become more interested in that one and wanted to drive it. He was disgusted but took me for a test drive. After we came back and I was discussing it with my fiance and mother I told them I was much more comfortable in the second one. Merlin was very upset and said "wait wait wait, we went from that car to this car in minutes. How does that happen?" Very upset im sure that he would not get as much commission. At that time I wanted to purchase the second one but noticed there was no safety rating. I brought that up to my mom and him and he said that it is normal and fine. I wanted to do some more research on that and so did my mom. She suggested I sleep on it and we come back the following day. Merlins exact words were "You have already wasted two hours of my time, the least you could do is come talk to the manager about the safety ratings for him to explain it to you". We went in and the manager explained but I still wasn't sure what to do. So we left and after leaving and thinking of how disrespectful Merlin was we decided not to buy a car from there.