800 S Brand Blvd
Glendale, California 91204-2106
SALES: (818) 246-5600
SERVICE: (818) 548-5170

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Jeanie C

My Review of PACIFIC Bmw:
A bad mechanic can lead to dangerous breakdowns. It's PARTICULARLY important for a relatively defenseless woman to be able to trust not only her car, but her mechanic. Having recently moved to Palm Springs and being forced by distance to turn to another dealership in servicing my car as opposed to my usual dealership, I got taken to the cleaners AND the problem was not fixed. I ended up having to drive the 2 hours back to Los Angeles, to go to the place I TRUST with my life, PACIFIC BMW, Glendale, CA. My service advisor's name there is RUSSELL WANG. He's been servicing my car for over 4 years and has kept me very safe and my car in top condition. He ALWAYS takes EXCELLENT care of both my car and me, and even called on Christmas day to check to make SURE my car had performed as promised. If RUSSELL WANG says "fix it now", it gets fixed. If he says, "this can probably wait a'll be fine for about 3,000 more miles before we'll need to look at..." then I know that I'm safe at least for that amount of time. He always gives me a "headsup" on items that will need to be addressed soon so that I don't ever break down or end up having an expensive repair that I wasn't financially prepared for. PACIFIC BMW's service is SO good that I will ONLY go there, even though it means a 4 hour round trip drive. I am ALWAYS given a "loaner" BMW, and my car is ALWAYS returned freshly washed. The prices are fair, (maintenance on Beemers ain't cheap, let's face it), but the quality of work is excellent and leaves me feeling confident in my car.