Preston Dodge Chrysler Jeep

2761 Constitution Blvd
Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania 15010-1291
SALES: (724) 847-7770
SERVICE: (724) 384-3087

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Danielle G

My Review of Preston Dodge Chrysler Jeep:
Went to test drive Jeep Wranglers, found on that I liked, as soon as we started talking numbers, they quoted me a price that was $2,000 MORE than the listed price online. THEN would not go down on the price of the vehicle AT ALL, even AFTER being called out on the fact that the vehicle was marked less online. There are many other factors that go into such a crappy review, however I'd like to keep this review shorter than a Tolstoy novel.


Preston Dodge Chrysler Jeep: Danielle - Sorry you had a bad experience...I'd like to help. We repriced our vehicle on the internet and my salesperson?s inventory was a day old. We were far apart from the vehicle that you wanted to purchase and what you wanted your payments to be based off of the down payment. Please feel free to contact me directly. I'd like to help get you into the vehicle you want without overextending your finances. I'd also like to know what other factors contributed to your experience so that I can help make a better experience for you and ALL of our customers. Thanks, PJ Latsko - Owner and General Manager (724) 847-7770 [email protected]

Danielle G: PJ, unfortunately you missed the point. My finances are not in question, however, your ethics clearly are. Your salesperson could not have been only ONE day behind considering I had researched the vehicles 3 days prior, and when asked WHY it was more at the location than it was online, the answer was "I don't know about that". Then after I agreed to go OVER the payment I wanted, you still would not go down on the price, tried to low ball me on the trade in and THEN proceeded to try to convince me to use one of the banks your establishment uses at 10% interest. I suspect that had I been a man, I would have gotten a reasonable amount for my trade in, not an insult, and there would have been a better price on the vehicle I inquired about.