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diane s

My Review of Rohrich Cadillac Co:
Quick and easy...perfect!

Patricia H

My Review of Rohrich Cadillac Co:
I am writing to inform you of my total dissatisfaction during my service appointment today with Mr. Eric Garvin. 1. On the onset....Mr. Garvin told me I was at the wrong place. He said I should be at Subaru dealership. I told him they sent me here. 2. I thought My Appt was at 9:30. When he told me it was at 7:30am he said he took other cars in my time slot. I apologized for the miscommunication and asked if he would put my car in "their" time slot today, since mine was taken. A time slot should have been available since you only schedule so many cars per day, per week. He refused to work with me and said I have to reschedule a week later. 3. Then he asked me what I was there for. I felt I didn't need to give him the entire list since it was in the computer. However, when I began giving him the list he interrupted me and said let's take one at a time. There were a couple things he did not have on the list that he said there was no sense in discussing it until he knew what type of warranty coverage I had Then he could tell me my deductible. I told him I had bumper to bumper coverage. There was no deductibles. My point to him was Whether or not I had complete warranty coverage... I still needed him to add the additional things to the list that failed to be added when I called in. Before He knew what my coverage was he even suggested I drive back out to Uniontown and perhaps they would do some of the service for free. Making me feel like he didn't even want me there! 4. He asked me where I purchase my car and I told him Day Chevrolet in Uniontown. He said they were very good people over there so I asked him since he knew the employees, if he would call them and find out the details of my warranty coverage since I forgot the papers at home. He said no I need to get the no. And call them myself! I Googled the phone no. and repeatedly tried to call them but could not get through. After much frustration he finally told me it was poor signals in your building and I had to step out. After five minutes of trying outside of the office I still couldn't get through so I asked him if he would call if I gave him the number since he said he didn't have time to look the phone no. up. He had other customers he had to take care of. Finally he dialed the number I gave him and then handed ME his office phone. I feel he should've talk to them directly. Instead, he had me do his customer service job. After I got someone at Day Chevrolet I handed the phone back to him so he could ask his "own questions" he needed to know regarding my coverage and deductibles. 5. I asked him about your rental car service if my car needed to be kept more than a day. He said I needed to call Enterprise across the street myself and find out. I thought that was unusual because the Mazda dealer would always set up the arrangements and have a rental car ready. The customer didn't have to do it themselves. Even if I do have to make the call myself, Eric could not instruct me the procedure with my warranty so I wouldn't be charged directly for a rental, nor did he know if there would be a deductible. He asked his co-worker and he didn't know either. So Eric Drop the ball. He choose not to go any further investigating the information for me. Again, why couldn't he call Enterprise and find out for me? It's not that he was unable but like everything else ... he was "unwilling"! All he could emphasize was how "busy" he was and had other customers to service. I am a customer too. He made me feel like I didn't matter! Needless to say I am thoroughly disappointed with the lack of customer service I received at your location today! Eric was very arrogant, extremely rude, and very short with me. As he asked me questions then he constantly interrupted me. He denied statements he made to me when I confronted him about the demeanor in which he was treating me. He reminds me of one of "The ole boys club attitude". For Me...that is not tolerable nor acceptable!!! After I told him I didn't appreciate the way he was treating me he gave me a quick insincere apology and still, his condescending mannerism never changed. I told him that I did not not want to work with him in the future. So he gave my file to Mr. Engelhardt. Since you are in charge of managing your employees - new and seasoned, I'm letting you know that I am "very" dissatisfied with my experience with Mr. Garvin today and I hope that my future experiences at your location will be helpful and respectful with the rest of your staff I come into contact with. Today was an "emotional" nightmare! I am also going to do a survey to report my dissatisfaction in hopes that your employee is reprimanded and learns to treat ALL of your customers with the "dignity and respect" they deserve. Regardless of their ethnicity or gender! Rohrich Cadillac is suppose to be High class. To my chagrin...I was treated with No class! Ps. Here is the list that Mr. Garvin never allowed me to complete while his agenda, was to rush me off and dismiss me away. As a matter of fact, he interrupted my conversation with him one last time and made me wait while he took a white gentleman in front of me while I was still talking to him. I don't know if it's race. I don't know if it's gender. I don't know if it's both. But what ever it is with was degrading! 1. Thumping sound on drivers side when applying the brakes ***2. Car door automatically locked a passenger inside. The manual locks didn't work. They couldn't get out. I had to use the key to open the door 3. Lock will not manually function. Must use key to lock the door 4. Bluetooth pairing 5. Luggage rack on top of car needs pulled out 6. Humming sound when going uphill ***I told Eric No. 2 is critical. It didn't seem to matter to him. Hopefully I will not be locked inside my car again, while I await another week to be seen.

Rohrich Cadillac Co: Patricia, I'm glad we were able to meet and talk about the issue that occurred in service. As you know we did correct all the problems and concerns with your vehicle. We also addressed the service adviser's disrespect and negligence towards you, that problem has been corrected. As per our conversation, Rohrich Cadillac does not do business that way. Thank you for your understanding in this matter and again my sincere apologies. James Schwartz Rohrich Cadillac 412-344-6000

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