Shadyside Honda

5121 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15224
SALES: (412) 683-3800

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Skyler D

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
I purchased a 2015 Honda Odyssey here - it's perfect for me! I purchased the model with a vacuum, and over the last month it's definitely come in handy. I've had to vacuum my daughters snacks out of every crevice of the car, and it reaches to every end! I really couldn't ask for a better car. It drives so smoothly too, and I really feel that my daughter is safe in this car.

Shadyside Honda: Thank you for your great comments,we hope you enjoy the vehicle and tell all your friends about your new car, if you need any thing at all, feel free to contact me. Peter Costello General Sales manager 412-683-3800 Thanks again.

Kristi A

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
My second solo car-buying experience at Shadyside Honda was a breeze. Of course I was armed and ready for battle, but there was no need. My salesperson (Marcus) was respectful, informative, transparent, not at all pushy, and most of all, listening to what I said I wanted, both in terms of a vehicle, AND the kind of experience I needed to have in order to have him 'earn my business today.' (He did NOT utter these words, by the way... Thankfully!) ;) I have sent people to see him, and will go back for my next purchase! ?

Joan Z

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
Michael was super. He was careful and kind and made me feel very comfortable with the car.

Amy K

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
I have bought many cars there. He gave such standard lines-- he threw in a few car mats-- that what my loyalty go tme.

Jennifer E

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
I feel that I got a good deal. The trade in was fair. The dealership offered me a better financing rate than what I had been quoted at the bank. The staff was courteous and knowledgable.

Gilliane M

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
It was a very positive experience. The service advisor (female) kept me informed of what was being done to my car and by when the service would be completed. When I went to pick it up, and offered additional services I declined, and the service advisor was receptive and respectful of my choice.

Iris K

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
We purchased this car at this location, and I find that there is an advantage treating were you have bought; but, my problem is that they do not offer transportation back (and from) Pittsburgh. If you have to wait 3-4 hours for service, no public transportation and a taxi cost $36, this is expensive and inconvenient... I don't know what other people do.

Shadyside Honda: Yes we do shuttle to Pittsburgh and Oakland 7:30-8:30-9:30 and pick up in Pittsburgh at 5:10 Monday thru Friday.No appt needed to be shuttled,

jennifer d

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
Servicing my vehicle at Shadyside Honda is a pleasure. The work is completed quickly and within the price range quoted. I feel taken care of and over the years I have trusted their judgement on my vehicle's needs. Greg is especially personable and reliable.

Jennifer E

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
Shadyside/McKean Honda is an exceptional place to service your vehicle. I had my vehicle serviced yesterday, and not only did the price come under what I estimated and budgeted for, the dealership offered me options and worked around my schedule. They have a shuttle service that gives you options to just sitting and waiting for the vehicle to be finished. My service manager was Chuck. He kept me updated by phone and was willing to negotiate on the price of the work done. I no longer feel stressed when I get my car serviced because I know that this dealership will not nickle and dime me, and I trust them!

Jennifer E

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
McKean Honda in Pittsburgh is the best dealership I have ever serviced my vehicle at. They never underquote. I usually pay less than I was expecting. I haven't had to return my vehicle because something wasn't working. I get timely updates from them. I never feel like I've been"had"....I don't get a pile of "problems" that need fixed every time my car is inspected. The vehicle I have is living up to the reputation that the saleman said a Honda is.

Pat C

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
From sales to management I had a stress free experience. Pricing was up front and they located the exact car I wanted in one day. Great place , nice people. It did take a bit longer than I hoped for paperwork but they were busy.

Shadyside Honda: Hello Pat Thank you for your kind words, we do work hard to insure an experience like yours. We value your business and if you need any thing in the future please contact me directly. Peter Costello General Sales manager 412-683-3800

Susie Q

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
Did a test drive only. Everyone was pleasant. I selected a different brand of vehicle

Tryt G

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
No recommendations made.

Jennifer E

My Review of Shadyside Honda:
This dealership had the car I wanted. The dealership offered me lots of choices. The pricing was comprable to other dealerships and fairly inflexible. I was offered the option of new and used vehicles.