Stephen Vincel Honda

15532 Manchester Rd
Ballwin, Missouri 63011-3078
SALES: (636) 391-6900
SERVICE: (636) 527-3485

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Elizabeth T

My Review of Stephen Vincel Honda:
I felt we were treated fairly but felt we still could have received a better deal on the SUV considering the economy. We were not pressured and she was nice.

Jessica S

My Review of Stephen Vincel Honda:
I explained that my headlight kept going out when I drove over a bump but I could manually click it back in. They charged me to replace the lightbulb even though I told them it was not the light but the actually connection. Over the next month the headlight continued to keep going out when I drove over a bump. I went in again and this time they charged me to replace the socket of the light bulb which did fix the problem. When I explained that I did not want to be charged twice, they responded that I was getting a good deal because I only had to pay labor twice and nothing for parts. Either way, I was explained both times that the light burnt out and it was not a connection issue. I did not like being treated that I didn't know what I was talking about. That is probably why it took them 2 visits to fix it. I really miss the Ed Napleton Honda dealership. Their staff was not as cocky and down talking to women.