Stokes Brown Toyota

100 Fording Island Road
Bluffton, South Carolina 29910
SALES: (843) 815-4444

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My Review of Stokes Brown Toyota:
My first reaction at hearing this dealership's name is disgust. I had requested a used vehicle from their website and they said it would be shipped and for me to come in 3 days later to pick it up. When I went, I had my 2 year old daughter and since I didn't think it would take long (they said they'd have the paperwork ready) I didn't pack much for her in the way of diapers, snacks, formula, toys, etc. 6 HOURS later, after intense pressure and all kinds of other tactics (including making me feel bad because my now cranky, hungry, wet infant was very upset) I left with a new car that was too expensive for me and I received really bad trade-in. I am a retired VP of finance and was intimidated into buying more car than I needed. Even though my husband was with me, it made little difference because he's very non-confrontational. The worst part now is that I hear their commercials on the radio and they are saying they are the most friendly, have lowest sales pressure, blah blah. After hearing other stories I realized we were completely taken advantage of and they used pretty much every trick in the book. I will never step foot in that dealership again and have been telling everyone that will listen to me why.