Weston KIA

22222 SE Stark St
Gresham, Oregon 97030-2040
SALES: (877) 203-1070

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shari d

My Review of Weston KIA:
After she experienced one too many breakdowns in her older car, we decided that for her peace of mind and for ours, we wanted to get our daughter a good, safe, economical car, that?s also fun. After researching many auto sites, and industry and owner reviews we decided on the 2013 Kia Soul. We already knew that she loved these cute cars, but we needed more information before we were souled. We live in rural Oregon and have no local dealer, so I emailed several dealers within a decent drive from us. I asked many newbie questions and explained that we wanted this to be a surprise for our daughter?s birthday but that we had no idea how to pull this off. Steven in Weston Kia Sales was the only dealer who stayed in contact and was willing to help us. He ordered exactly what we wanted for an excellent price, had it delivered and set up ready for pick up on her birthday. On that day, when we pulled up with her in our car, everyone cooperated in distracting her while the stage was set. One of the men put on the Hamster suit and brought her over to her new car that was waiting in the show room all shiny and prepped for her. She almost fainted. Steven couldn?t be there, but Josh Wilcox and others were and they all fooled her really well. After she started to calm down, Gary Overmyer with much patience and in enough detail went though the operation of all the driver-controlled parts of her car. He even set up her iPhone for her. Jon Fortsch in the business department was very good at explaining the various aspects of her warranty coverage, service contracts, and owner servicing responsibilities. He should be a teacher. He?s very low key but thorough in covering the important details. We have purchased several new cars over the last 20 years, but no experience anywhere has been so painless, educational, and even fun. We will all be Weston fans forever because of their wonderful customer service. Our next car will be from them, as will hers, and yours should be also.