Zimbrick Nissan

5330 High Crossing Road
Madison, Wisconsin 53718
SALES: (608) 729-0733
SERVICE: (888) 367-7213

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Jane R

My Review of Zimbrick Nissan:
Clay Luttrell, Sales Manager at Zimbrick Nissan, deceptively misled my husband and I to lure us in the showroom. We were offered $13,000 for a 2011 car in pristine shape with less than 6,000 miles and a new sticker price of almost $40,000. This was after Mr. Luttrell stated that our car was worth $20-$25,000 give or take $1,000. This was approximately double the alllowance of what was actually offered by Zimbrick Nissan. Mr Luttrell also indicated he would treat us more than fair on the trade-in and his actual treatment of us was unconscionable. He also stated he will do his best to make a deal work for us and did not even appraise our car. It was a horrible waste of time and we don't appreciate being blatantly manipulated or his hostile attitude to a strong prospect that purchased a Maxima from a local dealer immediately after leaving the Zimbrick store. We will tell everyone possible to avoid Zimbrick Nissan like the plague. Sleazy misrepresentations like that above tarnishes the reputation of an outstanding product like Nissan. Curb undesirable unethical practices by a dishonorable dealer by avoiding or boycotting this business. Women need to be treated respectfully and not in a condescending manner especially when looking to invest over $30,000 for a car. Nissan's Regional Office is investigating poor business practices by this dealer as of February 15, 2012