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What Does Your Website Say to Your Female Customers?
Digital Dealer, March 2018
11 Best Car Sites for Women
Carjojo, January 2018
Engender Car Buyer Confidence for Better Outcomes: How Confidence Influences Female Behavior and Auto Dealer Success
Digital Dealer, August 2017
Women's Top Rated Service Brands for 2017
Digital Dealer, July 2017
Advertising to Women Car Buyers
Digital Dealer, June 2017
Top 10 Automotive Bloggers
Test Facts, June 2017
Women's Top Rated Service Brands for 2017
Digital Dealer, May 2017
Understanding the needs of female buyers - The 2017 U.S. Women's Car Dealer Report
CBT News, May 2017
Ladies, don't give away your car buying power!
DriveInformed, March 2017 2017 Report
Digital Dealer, March 2017
37 Items on Women Buyers' Wish List
CBT News, February 2017
Auto industry adapting to growth in women's car-buying power
Las Vegas Review Journal, November 2016
A Value Realization Strategy to Accelerate Sales up to $6 Million
Digital Dealer, July 2016
What Women Want: Small SUVs, Dealer Delight, June 2016
Single Women Get Credit for Booming SUV Demand
Bloomberg, May 2016
The Daily Drum Interview
Sirius XM 141, May 2016
Improve Customer's Experience; Improve Your ROI
Digital Dealer, March 2016 honors 3 dealers
Auto Remarketing, January 2016
Selling to Women: Cars Aren't Power Tools
Digital Dealer, December 2015
Seize The Opportunity To Convert More Women Shoppers To Pickups From Cars
CBT News, November 2015
Neuroscience and How it Impacts Selling Cars to Women
Digital Dealer, November 2015
The Emerging Buying Power Of Women
Digital Dealer, November 2015
Why Do Women Visit More Dealerships Than Men?
Auto Remarketing, September 2015
Automotive Radio Network - Interview with Anne Fleming
Automotive Radio Network, August 2015
The Auto Industry Makes a New Friend: Women
Isaac Daniel Report, August 2015
Anne Fleming Explains What Your Female Customers Are Looking For In Your Service Drive
Service Drive Today, June 2015
Building Smarter Car Sales People and Why it is Imperative to the Future Economics of Your Business
Digital Dealer, June 2015
Fleming: Boost Women's Confidence, Boost Sales
Auto Remarketing, May 2015
Car dealerships turn advertising, sales focus to women
TribLIVE, April 2015
If Not Us, Who? Creating Equitable, Gender-Balanced Car Biz
Auto Remarketing, April 2015
Report Reveals Top Car Brands Rated by Women
Autotrader, March 2015
SIRIUS XM Radio Autos 0-60 Top 2015 Car Brands as Rated by Women with Anne Fleming
SIRIUS XM Radio, March 2015
Top 12 Websites Women Turn To For Auto Research
Auto Remarketing, December 2014 5 Ways to Deliver a Competitive Edge
Auto Remarketing, November 2014
5 Top Notch Deliverables Found in Women-Friendly Service Drives in Car Dealerships
CTB News, November 2014
Don't Say: 'We Treat Everyone the Same'
Auto Remarketing, October 2014
What's the Cost to Your Dealership When Women Walk Out?
Auto Remarketing, September 2014
What Do Women Want? Answering This Age-Old Question for Your Service Lane
Dealertrack, September 2014
Why You Should Focus on Female Automotive Shoppers with Anne Fleming
The Dealer Playbook, August 2014
Study: Women More Comfortable With Negotiating Than Men
Auto Remarketing, August 2014
Car Sellers Refine Pitch to Women
The Wall Street Journal, August 2014
Automotive Radio Network - Interview with Anne Fleming
Automotive Radio Network, July 2014
Top-Rated Brands by Women Car Buyers
Auto Remarketing, July 2014
Is Your Business A Dealership Or A Destination?
Auto Remarketing, June 2014
Getting Women To Write Dealer Reviews Is Critical To Boost Sales
CTB News, June 2014
Is Your Business a Dealership or a Destination?
Auto Remarketing, May 2014
Make Your Dealership Female Friendly
UCDA - The Ontario Dealer, May, 2014
Auto Dealer Live - May 1st Interview with Anne Fleming
BlogTalkRadio, May, 2014
Anatomy of Trust: Get to Heart of It When Selling
Auto Remarketing, April 2014
Breaking The Imbalance Of Women Execs At Dealerships Adviser
Auto Remarketing, April 2014
5 Reasons Women Buy from Their Car Sales Adviser
Auto Remarketing, April 2014
Why Confidence Among Women Customers is Key Before Lot Visit
Auto Remarketing, April 2014
Breaking the Imbalance of Women Executives at Car Dealerships: Breaking the Gender Gap?
Auto Remarketing, March 2014
Women In The Driver's Seat: The Buying and Negotiating Style of Women
Enterprise Car Sales, February 2014
Optimizing Sales: The Neuroscience of Selling Trust
Dealership Innovation Guide, February, 2014
Life Continues After Divorce - Interview with Anne Fleming
Life Continues After Divorce, January, 2014
No Time to Waste - First Impressions Counts
Women-Drivers: 72 Percent of Women Who Leave Without Buying Won't Return

Auto Remarketing, January, 2014
Podcast - Anne Fleming, "How to Effectively Market to Women"
AutoSucess, January 10, 2014
Spotlight - Anne Fleming, "Marketing to Women"
AutoSucess, October 22, 2013
More Women Than Men Prefer Auto Leasing
WardsAuto, August 16, 2013
Frank Beckmann Interview with Anne Fleming
News/Talk 760 WJR, July 31, 2013
Saturday Morning Test Drive: Chat with Anne Fleming From
Autoflex, August 10, 2013
Latest Automotive Survey Shows More Women Plan to Lease
WomenScope NewsMagazine, July 2013
Lease Market Likely to Gain Traction Among Female Shoppers
Auto Remarketing, July 2013
10 Most Interesting and Innovative Automotive Companies of 2013
dealerElite, July 22, 2013
Dealerships Benefit from Customer Service to Women
American International Automobile Dealers Association (AIADA), July 12, 2013
2013 Women in Remarketing Honorees Announced
Auto Remarketing, April 2013
2013 Women in Remarketing: Leadership & Commitment: Anne Fleming, President & Car Buying Advocate of
Auto Remarketing, April 2013
Women Breaking Through Auto Industry's Glass Ceiling
Auto Remarketing, April 2013
How to Track, Promote & Expand Your Online Presence
Auto Remarketing, March 2013
6 Female Motoring Bloggers to Follow in 2013
East Coast Car Rentals, January 2013
Top 15 Brands for the Female Shopper's Purchasing & Browsing Experience at the Dealership
Auto Remarketing, January 2013
Ready for a Career Change? Test Drive New Profession
NBCNews.Com, January 2013
2013 - The Year of the Woman Car Buyer: Capture This Powerful & Ever-Growing Segment
Auto Remarketing, January 2013
Fleming: Ladies Love Luxury - Cars, That Is. What’s Behind the Rise in Demand for these Vehicles?
Auto Remarketing, November 2012
America’s Radio Show : Anne Fleming Interview
America’s Radio Show, November 2012
Shift Women’s Objections about Car Leasing
Auto Remarketing, November 2012
Fleming: Why CPOs Are The New Vechicle Choice Of Many Women Car Buyers
Auto Remarketing, October 2012
Going Topless: Feeling Kinda Used
Auto Guide, October  2012
Going Topless: Getting Ready to Strut my Stuff at the Dealership
Auto Guide, October 2012
How Dealers Reap The Benefits of Knowing What is Important to Women CPO Shoppers
Auto Remarketing, October 2012
5 Features of Top-Notch Customer Service
Auto Remarketing, August 2012
Study: Women Account for Bulk of Service & Repair Business
Auto Remarketing, August 2012
New Mobile Platform Offers Real-Time Dealer Reviews by Women
Auto Remarketing, July 2012 Names Top 10 Female-Friendly Rooftops
Auto Remarketing, March 2012
Are Women Better At
Buying Cars?

MSN Money, February 2012
While It Eventually Fell Apart, First Car Brought Anne Fleming Freedom
Pittsburgh BusinessTimes, February 2012
Car-buying Tips Men Can Learn From Women
MarketWatch (The Wall Street Journal), January 2012 Releases List of Top Automakers for Service
Auto Remarketing, January 2012
Shopping for a Car? Bring Your Wife
SmartMoney, January 2012
Tips on how auto shows could amp up appeal to women attendees
The Oakland Press, January 2012
Mercedes-Benz Is Leader with Female Buyers, Site Touts Dealership Reputation Tools
Auto Remarketing, January 2012
Moving To The Top - Today's Female Dealers Are Shaping The Future...
American International Automobile Dealers, December 2011 Adds New Features
Auto Remarketing, November 2011
Women Drivers Car Concerns
Lifestyle Talkradio Network, September 2011
Do Women Drivers Pay Less For Car Insurance?
Compare Auto Insurance, February 2011
Auto Insurance Reality Check for New Women Drivers
Cheap Car Insurance Quotes, January 2011 Reviews the Heated Ice Scraper
Woman's World, January 2011
Male Drivers Lost Longer Than Women
ABC News / Travel, Oct 26, 2010
Why a Car Insurance Review is Important, Oct 2010 Reviews the 2010 Nissan Cube 1.8 SL
Nissan Reports, October 2010 Reviews the 2010 Rav 4 4X4 SUV LTD
Toyota Monitor, October 2010
The Real "Swagger" Behind the "Swagger Wagon", Sep 2010
2010 Chrysler Town & Country Touring: His And Her Review, Aug 24, 2010
Distracted Drivers: In Summer, Mean Have Accidents Ogling Women, Says Study
ABC News / Travel, Aug 4, 2010
Women Rate Top Auto Brands
M2W E-ssentials Aug 3, 2010
Women's Favorite Brands
Automotive News, July 25, 2010
Which Dealers Receive Top Marks from Women?
Auto Remarketing, July 25, 2010
O.C. automakers rank among's top 20 brands
OC Metro, July 26, 2010
Women shoppers give Chrysler dealers a pat on the back
Automotive News, July 25, 2010
Top Auto Brands as Reviewed by Women
Driving Sales, July 22, 2010
Pregnant and Driving for the First Time?, July 14, 2010
Smart Vehicle Enhancements for Moms on the Move, June 24, 2010
Strategy to Get National Media for Start Up Companies and Entrepreneurs, December 5th, 2009
5 Car Maintenance Services You Don't Need,November 2009
Women Don't Ask and They Should,November 30th, 2009
President of Addresses Chrysler Women?s Forum
M2W e-ssentials,November 18th, 2009
National School Bus Safety Week: Prevention
Family Car Guide, October 20, 2009
Family Car Guide
What To Do When You're In a Fender-Bender
MyRide.Com, October 2009
My Ride
Go West, Young Man
Delta Sky Magazine, September 28, 2009
Delta Sky Magazine
5 Things To Do When in a Fender Bender
Family Car Guide, September 24, 2009
Family Car Guide
Which Brands Do Women View Most Favorably?
M2W e-ssentials, September 17, 2009
Which Brands Do Women View Most Favorably?
Auto Remarketing, September 17, 2009
Safety, Technical and Entertainment Features That Help Moms Negotiate the Drive
Family Car Guide, September 10, 2009
Family Car Guide
Women Rate Dealerships on New Site
Auto Exec Magazine, August 2009
Auto Exec Magazine
Americans Renew Their Love for Cars -- Online .
The Wall Street Journal, August 27nd, 2009
The Wall Street Journal
Why do women still feel they need a man with them when buying a car?
Vibrant Nation, September 2009
Getting Down to Business
The Heinz Endowments,September 1, 2009
The Heinz Endowments
11 Expert Tipes for Women When Going to the Dealership to Buy a Car
Family Car Guide, Agust 5rd, 2009
Family Car Guide
Consider Auto Insurance Costs When Trading Your Clunker for Cash
PR NewsWire, Agust 3rd, 2009
PR NewsWire Logo
Penning your own obituary can help you fine-tune your goals
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review, July 27nd, 2009 Sheds Light on Female Browsing and Purchasing Behaviors, July 22nd, 2009
Car-buying is a recession-era opportunity, July 18th, 2009
Power Steering: Helps to Empower Female Car Shoppers and to Guide them to Women-Friendly Dealerships
Pittsburgh Magazine, July, 2009
Pittsburgh Magazine
Female Factor: Dealerships Slow in Equal Treatment
The Windsor Star, June 30, 2009 discovers how women really feel about their car service experience
M2W e-ssentials, June 25, 2009
Web site wants to help women drivers find a good dealer
USA Today, June 23, 2009
Protect your auto investment: 6 must-do annual car maintenance tips, June 11, 2009
10 negotiating tips for women buying a car, June 10, 2009
Ladies, Start Your (Search) Engines and Drive!
Challenger Brand News, June 9, 2009
Car Shopping With Your Partner, June 4, 2009
Look Who's in the Driver's Seat
Mommy Track'd, June 2, 2009
Where will loyal Chrysler and GM female car buyers go for their next purchase or service visit?
M2W e-ssentials, June 1, 2009
The auto industry and Boomer women: Finally coming around?, May 28, 2009 CEO Interview: Anne Fleming, May 13, 2009
Car shopping? Female friendly car dealerships get nod here
Pop City, May 6, 2009 Shows Growth Among Dealerships
Auto Remarketing, May 6, 2009
Car Shopping Made Female Friendly
ABC News, April 21, 2009