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November 1, 2008
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Don't Get Chicked Again


PITTSBURGH, PA, November 1, 2008: A free website that connects women who buy and influence the purchase of cars has arrived. Women-Drivers.com connects women and families to certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ car dealers. What recognizes a dealership as Women-Drivers Friendly™ is women write reviews about their actual Purchase, Browse and Service experience at car dealerships. This forum not only gives them a voice in revolutionizing the dealership experience for women, but also provides members the ability to instantaneously locate womenfriendly certified dealers in the Untied States.

"Women purchase 54% of all new cars each year; however, they influence the purchase of 80%. That, along with what women spend on service work to their vehicles, translates into $200 Billion dollars worth of purchasing pow-her. Yet, the process of buying a car is uncomfortable for many women, says President, Anne Fleming. Why? The vast majority of car salespeople are men and this Venus- Mars communication phenomenon can be intimidating to women. National research shows that while almost 60% of women have a favorable experience when buying a car and believe they were treated fairly, most take along a man as the ‘balancing factor’ to help them with the negotiating process. Many women simply aren’t comfortable and accustomed with negotiating in our culture; many are the best negotiators on behalf of their employers but aren’t so rigid about negotiating for themselves.

Nationally, women pay $1350 more for a car than men. Over the life of a car loan, and taking interest into account, that balloons to almost $3,000. That money represents a lot of gasoline, diapers, groceries, shoes and handbags, or even a family vacation. Women-Drivers.com is a resource to assist women in locating dealerships that already have a great relationship with women and families. Members can hone in on their own negotiating skills by taking the interactive Negotiating test which provides custom tips on how to approach the negotiating process at the dealership based upon their personality profile.

WomenDrivers™ collects the experiences, preferences and demographics and sells this to the dealerships, trade associations and industry via the Women’s Satisfaction Index (WSI) INSIGHT™ subscriptions. These real time reports provide correlative tools which empower and educate dealerships on ways improve their service to women, ultimately increasing their loyalty and market share of the dollars spent by women. The better a dealerships review and score, the higher it’s located in the search engine – making it easy for women to locate Women-Drivers Friendly™ dealers to do business with in her city.

Members can read through the many sections including new car reviews, current trends, car terminology, and the latest in technology and child safety. See the entertaining "Don’t Get Chicked" YouTube videos on the home page.