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November 1, 2008
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Demand Strong for Women Satisfaction Reports that show ways to Convert browsers to Buyers


PITTSBURGH, PA, NOV 1, 2008: A bilingual social networking site that caters exclusively to women who buy and influence the purchase of cars has arrived. Women-Drivers.com is an on-line community that provides a forum for women to write and read Purchase, Browse or Service reviews, and locate certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ new car dealerships in the United States. The higher a dealership’s reviews, the higher its listing and visibility on the site – leading to more women going to that dealership.

Women purchase 53% of all new cars in our country; however, they influence the purchase of 80%. According to NADA Data 2008, while that represents $80 Billion dollars worth of purchasing power, the process of buying a car is uncomfortable for many women. Why? "The vast majority of car salespeople are men and this Venus- Mars communication phenomenon can be intimidating. Most women simply aren’t comfortable or accustomed to negotiating in our country and can sometimes make the dealership wrong for their own lack of experience in the dance of negotiating", stated President and CEO Anne Fleming.

Women-Drivers collects the objective, consumer-based reviews, experiences, preferences, and demographics, and sells them via Women Satisfaction Index (WSI) INSIGHT™ subscriptions. These real-time, 24/7 analytics provide benchmarks and correlative tools for dealerships to understand the exchange and experience, to educate staff and improve their service to women. Ultimately, this increases loyalty and market share of dollars spent by women. Dealerships strongly want to have their business earmarked as Women-Drivers Friendly™, to close the deal with more women, and increase market share and revenue. By subscribing, an average dealership can increases their sales to women by 5% or higher. In other words by converting just 5 out of every 100 browsers into buyers, the dealerships annual sales can increase by approximately $750,000.

National research shows that women shop at a minimum of three dealerships before buying a vehicle. In addition to the purchasing and servicing experience, Women-Drivers™ tracks the browsing experience, so dealerships can shift browsers into buyers. Mr. Lee Baierl, President of Baierl Automotive, a family of 9 dealerships in Pittsburgh, says "Women-Drivers is a valuable tool we use at each of our dealerships. In these challenging times, it provides us with highlights and benchmarks regarding women’s experiences at our dealerships - including her browsing experience - a very pivotal and sometimes overlooked component to a business. Through the real-time reports, we see our WSI™ score for each brand and salesperson and are creating new opportunities to convert women prospects into buyers."

Fleming, who grew up in Venezuela adds, "The site is bilingual – with almost 1 of every 7 Americans being Latina or Latina decent, it is critical to our audience to have the site available in Spanish."