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Where will Orphaned Owners Turn?

Women-Drivers.com Poised to Support Dealerships with new Prospective Buyers


Pittsburgh –
Where will millions of loyal Chrysler and GM car buyers go for their next purchase or service visit? With over 1800 dealerships closings in the near future, remaining dealerships will see an influx of customers who they have never served before. Who will these customers be? What will they want from their new dealership? The premiere market research site for tracking authentic consumer dealership experiences, Women-Drivers, provides all of this information in its' Women Satisfaction Index™ INSIGHT subscription. ABC News called the site a "must see" for consumers before and after they visit the dealership.

Women-Drivers.com has seen a spike in business as savvy dealerships are prime for using the services of this consumer review website. Dealerships are highly interested in receiving consumer reviews that rate actual Browsing, Purchasing and Service experiences – the higher the dealerships ranking, the higher it"s listing in the search engine. "Frankly, being listed as a top rated dealer brings more referrals and shoppers into our doors. By tracking these experiences, we now better understand why women are coming in and leaving with a car and why others are coming in and leaving", explained Lee Baierl, owner of Baierl Automotive Group in Pittsburgh.

Those same dealers are subscribing to the Women Satisfaction Index™ report which is a monthly, personalized analytics for the dealer to gain insight from the reviews. Dealerships are provided with direct access to a large database of consumer information that includes detailed reports of experiences, sales person ratings, and demographic profiles. It is a pivotal opportunity for dealerships to connect with women and receive insights on how to convert these consumers from browsers to buyers. These reports also assist dealerships increase their CSI scores by applying feedback, tactics and data. No longer a "niche", women influence 80% of all automotive purchases.

Car Buying Advocate and Women-Drivers President Anne Fleming, says "It is all about how we can support dealerships in take care and understand their current customers while taking care of new customers."

Women-Drivers.com connects women and families to Women-Drivers Friendly™ car dealers. Car dealerships are recognized as certified Women-Drivers Friendly® by consumers who write reviews on their actual browsing, purchasing and servicing experience. Women-Drivers.com collects the experiences and sells the information back to the dealerships.

About Women-Drivers.com

Women-Drivers.com connects women & families with certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ dealerships. Consumers rate their Browsing, Purchasing and Service experiences at 16,500 dealerships in the United States. The company markets Women Satisfaction Index™ subscriptions which provides personalized analytics showing what women really experience, allowing dealerships to improve their level of service to this powerful purchasing group.

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