When your child is old enough to drive, come up with a plan. Go over what driving behavior is acceptable, and don’t be afraid to share actual statistics relating to teen drivers. A car is not a toy, rather a responsibility not to be taken lightly. Each year over 5,000 teens die from non-alcohol related traffic accidents. These mishaps can be prevented with the proper training. Consult your insurance agency for tips.

Our children learn from our mistakes – and our successes. There’s nothing scarier than your child out there on the road at the beginning stages of their driving career – alone. If you practice safe and responsible driving all the time, your child will hopefully develop your incredibly good driving skills into good habits of their own.
  • Don’t speed.
  • Don’t eat while driving.
  • Don’t try to do anything else while driving, except for driving. In those cases when it is unavoidable, utilize one of the myriad of technological devices that let you keep your hands on the wheel, and eyes on the road.
  • Don’t forget to keep up on your vehicle maintenance!
  • Of course, obey all traffic laws.
Safe Teen Driving (
A new technology that will explode in our lifetime is the tracking navigation system. Constructed like a GPS navigation system, it allows parents to set speed limits and track the whereabouts of their teen-drivers right from a home computer. Ranging from $450-$700, fees may include installation and monthly maintenance fees. Another option is the GPS enabled Nextel cell phone for about $20/month. It offers the same capabilities as the navigation systems and allows web monitoring from any PC. These devices can also be used for elderly drivers who require a closer watch.

A less expensive route to explore the caution areas of a teen driver is courtesy of TeenDash for Safety gives parents a written survey for their teens to take, with special focus on identifying attitudes like anger, aggression and rule breaking. Parents have access to a report that will identify their child’s personality, and what driving habits may stem as a result. Think “personality test for the adolescent.”