Road Warrior

Vehicle Must-Haves for the Multi-Tasking Road Warrior
Today’s newest trends and technologies not only promote convenience and comfort, they can enable a safer commute. Here are several easy-to-use devices to consider:
  • GPS navigation devices – portable “MapQuests” that easily get you where you need to go with the simple touch of a screen, or even voice-based recognition. (Even your husband will love them!)
  • Bluetooth – keep both hands on the wheel with these hands-free phone devices, situated in the ear and activated with just the tap of a button. Hands free devices work great with the T-Mobile HTC Amaze phone and most other cell phones.
  • Wireless backup cam – the “eyes” behind your vehicle, giving you a full rear view when in reverse.
  • Wireless data-link technologies – access audio, video and data files right from your vehicle with the ability to sync the office and the automobile. The information is distributed over a wireless link and picked up by an output device in the vehicle. Ford has just introduced this for many models in its 2008 line, via the Sync voice-activated product powered by Microsoft Auto Software. You can get feed right from your cell phone and digital music player in your car.
  • Digital memo recorder – You’ve had a great idea – almost to the red light, but the pen is in the bottom of your purse and the notepad is in your attaché. No worries, this small electronic device, able to clip onto your visor, will do the trick.
  • Compact power inverter – Able to handle delicate electronics like a PDA, mp3 player or laptop. This single adapter can handle mostly everything, and no need to worry about those 3-pronged plugs while on-the-go.
  • Keyless entry – This feature is standard on vehicles with installed alarm systems. A small remote will hang on your key ring, allowing you to disarm the alarm and unlock your door at the press of a button. This can come in handy when it’s pouring rain or your hands are full. Also, if you sense danger, this is a quicker way into the vehicle, without fumbling around for the keys. If not already standard on your vehicle, it is something that can be installed.
  • Mobile office – stock your car with the luxuries of the office, to make working on the road a whole lot easier.
Don’t forget helpful accessories like: visor organizers, clothes hangers, backseat and trunk a car refrigerator cooler!


The traveling woman...
There is such a thing as a woman-friendly hotel, or even hotels with women-only floors. These hotels cater to the female persuasion in the way of room amenities, spas and safety concerns. Articles of Interest
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Travel Safety Tips For Women
  • Travel securely and be alert:
    • Check interior of car before entering.
    • Lock car doors, always.
    • Be aware of surroundings.
    • Keep windows up, and do not lower for strangers.
  • Always park with safety on your mind. If possible, park in a well-lit parking lot with an attendant.
  • Always know where you’re traveling, or at least try not to make it known that you are a “visitor.”
  • Use precautions when staying at a hotel by locking your doors.
  • Never appear to be alone, remain confident and create eye-contact with people.
  • Keep your purse close by your side, or leave it at home.
  • Always keep the gas tank in your car filled at least halfway.
  • Take your cell phone!
  • Don’t walk in shady places or dark streets alone.
  • Back at home, make it look as if you’re really there by keeping some lights on and arranging mail pick-up.