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jack s

My Review of Ardmore Toyota:
Toyota of Ardmore Re: 2008 Jeep Wrangler X I have wait quite a few months to allow the Toyota of Ardmore to respond to my request for some sort of restitution to the issues I have experienced with the 2008 Jeep Wrangler I purchased from them on 1/12/2019. I have not received any response to my previous emails to the manager of used cars, Dan McBrearty. He is aware of the issue we will refer to as the ?death wobble? which is when the front wheels go crazy upon reaching approximately 55 to 60 miles per hour This is what I have experiencing with this vehicle When I test drove this vehicle, I was not able to get above 45 miles per hour since we were driving on roads around your dealership. Any highways, which would have allowed me to test drive this vehicle are not close to this dealership. I understand that I purchased this vehicle on an ?as is? understanding, however, this vehicle was not safe to drive on any highway and never should have passed a state inspection. The main reason I decided to purchase this vehicle from this dealership is that I felt since they seem to run a prominent and successful dealership, I felt better buying from them as opposed to some corner car lot sprinkled through the area. I was assured by Frank, my salesman, that the dealership performed a state inspection on this vehicle and it passed with flying colors so I felt safe buying this vehicle due to this statement. He even produced a car fax report and the vehicle inspection paperwork The fact that this vehicle passed inspection, was obviously not the case. There is no way this vehicle should have padded any sort of state inspection I have not been able to drive this vehicle since I purchased it. It has been at my mechanic since I drove it there on 1/14/19 They are going by the recommended steps directed by Chrysler with respect to this issue This is what they have done so far: High speed wheel balancing New steering stabilizer New track bar New control arms So far, none of these replacement parts have solved the issue. The next step is to replace the tie rods and from there, ball joints I trust this mechanic with every other vehicle I have purchased I have been dealing with them for years and they know what they are doing When I first notified Frank of this issue, all he kept saying is that I bought it ?as is? He flat out refused to try to rectify this issue. In fact, he was quite rude when I brought up the issues I experienced. I have purchased many vehicles on an ?as is? understanding I understand the issues that could arise associated with buying a vehicle under this statement I understand that a vehicle may need tires, brakes, maybe some bodywork or some engine part of some sort, but always was able to at least drive said vehicle safely on roads This vehicle is under no circumstances safe to drive and it my contention that this issue should have been caught by your dealership during state inspection. I was barely on 476 upon leaving the dealership when the ?death wobble? occurred. If you are not familiar with this issue, the vehicle becomes impossible to control. If you are curious, just look up ?death wobble? on you tube. The dealerships contention is that they did not know when the issue occurred, like it happened all of a sudden after a few miles away from your dealership. This issue is not something that all of a sudden occurs. It happens subtly over time and is difficult to remedy Again, I say that this issue should have been remedied at the dealership prior to any sale. It should be the responsibility of a dealership with their standing to at the very least, assure that any vehicle sold by them is a least safe to drive and not a death trap. On a less important issue, the right side turn signal works intermittently which is another issue that should have been solved at the dealership in order to pass inspection. Again, when a so called reputable dealership tells you that a particular vehicle passed a state inspection, you should feel confident that said vehicle is at the very least safe to drive. I am writing this review to warn any other potential buyers of used cars from this dealership to be aware of my issue and possibly same them from anything like I have experienced from this dealership. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps someone. Jack Sims.

Ardmore Toyota: Jack, thank you for addressing your concerns regarding your Wrangler. Please contact me directly so we can further discuss the concerns listed in your review. Sincerely, Frank Sorrentino, General Sales Manager, Ardmore Toyota [email protected]

Gabriele D

My Review of Ardmore Toyota:
It was a pleasure to be assisted buy Theresa Wainright in buying the car

Lan N

My Review of Ardmore Toyota:
Dear Theresa: Thank you for your useful information about different models of Toyota. You are a professional salesperson. My husband and I are very pleased with Toyota service. Regards,