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Clara R

My Review of Avondale Toyota:
I purchased a NEW car, I went in at 1:00pm left the dealership at 11:00pm my NEW car was scratched in the car wash. I asked for another one and I was assured the car would be fixed through them to perfect conditions. ASAP. That someone from their body shop would contact me within the week to have this taken care or. This was in July we are in October. Still WAITING!

Michelle L

My Review of Avondale Toyota:
Sure the sales people are great but lets talk maintenance; this is somewhat lengthy but ask you to please read.... My husband and I bought a brand new 2011 Toyota 4runner &a 2010 Toyota Tundra off of the Avondale Toyota dealership. The sales people were awesome. Then at 37,000 miles white smoke began to pour out of my exhaust so we took it in. There were no dash lights or anything on. So we give the keys to Toyota & we get a phone call back a couple of days later saying that the engine is full of sludge from the oil and that they're going to desludge it for $672.00. So my husband and I give the go ahead since we just moved back here from Utah (we are in the military and we were previously stationed at Luke) so we didn't have access to our receipts for our oil changes since TMO has everything, but regardless we need the car. We then get a phone call one week after we took it in.... it was an update on the "desludge" and we were told that the desludge was COMPLETED and that they wanted to run the car for about 15 miles to make sure it took. We then get a phone call back saying that the desludge DIDN"T work and that the engine was so destroyed we either had to replace the entire engine or the block assembly(quoted at $10,000) but they said they would drop the desludge fee to help us out (thanks guys, really). They said that it was not covered under warranty because they "could tell" we had never changed the oil since we had purchased the vehicle. So I lost my mind because I wasn't going to pay $10K for a new engine on a car that only had 37K miles. I called up an auto shop called Surprise Auto Repair (I will leave their information below) for a second opinion. I went to go pick up my car from Toyota and the Service Manager, CJ, wanted to talk to me.... sure so I let him talk. After about 10 minutes of him dancing around the topic he eventually told me that they never performed a desludge and that all they did was change the oil and from that they could tell I needed a new motor, and then he repeats, "so we'll drop the desludge fee"... gee thanks... So at this point I was sure I was going to have a heart attack at the service center and die from anger. So apparently when Jason, the mechanic, called me and said he had COMPLETED the desludge and was running it for 15 miles to make sure it took was lying to me, or was misinformed... either way right?... and apparently my 4Runner just sat at the dealership for a week to get an oil change... When I asked him about the engine replacement cost being a ridiculous 10K he explained to me that engines are very complicated and it takes a lot of time.... clearly he thought I was a "stereotypical female" (I hate to use that term) and knew nothing about those fancy things called engines. I explained to him that I KNEW you could by a used engine for the same mileage FROM Toyota for $2,500-3,000 and he agreed that's how much they were going to pay and explained that the other $7K I would pay would be in fees, labor and shop supplies because you know mechanics need towels leafed in gold to wipe their hands... So I said absolutely not and proceeded to take my 4Runner to Surprise Auto Repair. AN HOUR LATER they called me to let me know that they were going to run some sea foam through it a couple of times while changing my oil every single time & it'll be fine. Oh the ticket price you ask? $250.00.... I have never, in my entire life, been so disrespected and talked down to in such a manner that when I ask for details all I am told is that it's complicated, takes time and that there are "lots of parts". My husband and I have been loyal customers and have never missed a payment in 5 years; we did not expect this treatment. The Surprise Repair shop said I was the third person to be recommended a motor replacement when it wasn't needed from them. They even gave me the second look for free. .These people are honest and they care If you have any questions for me my email is [email protected] please don't hesitate to ask Surprise Auto Repair 13260 W Foxfire Dr Surprise, AZ (623) 544-2886