Baierl Mitsubishi

10430 Perry Highway
Wexford, Pennsylvania 15090
SALES: (866) 574-9235

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Bethann L

My Review of Baierl Mitsubishi:
Over a two day process and in communicating through my preferred method (initially via email), Baierl worked with us and met every need we had for the purchase we made.

Anonymous User

My Review of Baierl Mitsubishi:

Elizabeth K

My Review of Baierl Mitsubishi:
I am extremely disappointed with the service at Baierl Mitsubishi. I had been looking at the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport for quite some time and was sure this was the car I wanted to buy so I headed to Baierl Mitsubishi which is the only one in my area. I had previously stopped by the dealership a few weeks earlier just to peruse but was not approached by a sales person, I assumed it was just because it was late in the day and they were getting ready to close. During my second visit (with intent to buy) I was on the dealership lot with my father for about 30 minutes and not a single sales person approached us. We further went inside the dealership where we found a Mitsubishi Outlander Sport in the show room. The doors were unlocked so we proceeded to check out the interior of the vehicle, sat in it, fussed with some of the controls, and opened all the doors and hatchback. Still not a single sales person bothered to talk to us let alone glance in our direction. So we left the Outlander Sport not realizing that we had caused the lights to blink. While we were looking at the other cars in the showroom I noticed a salesman walk over to the vehicle to make the lights stop blinking but still he did not ask if we needed any help. So, completely frustrated we left Baierl Mitsubishi and they have forever lost my service and I would never recommend them to anyone. If I had been able to test drive the Outlander Sport I would have bought it. Price, model, and color were just right. But thanks to Baierl Mitsubishi I am now the happy owner of a brand new Jeep (bought the same day about 5 hours later at a dealership which chose to be courteous to its customers).

Stephanie B

My Review of Baierl Mitsubishi:
I was extremely satisfied with my experience at Bairel Mitsubishi. Not only did my salesperson treat me with respect, all of the salespeople in the dealership knew my name and went out of their way to greet me. We are in a terrible economic state in this country right now and the dealership went above and beyond to work with me and get me into my new car!