Bay Ridge Nissan

6501 5th Ave
Brooklyn, New York 11220-4998
SALES: (718) 238-8000
SERVICE: (718) 238-4799
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Nathanael J

My Review of Bay Ridge Nissan:
This is the worst dealership where you can buy a Nissan car and they are so racist... I bought a Pre owned 2020 Nissan Sentra SV on December 04,2021 where i have the full warranty on the car and Gold package in case something happened to the car......... on January 2nd and 3rd not even a month the car started giving problem , Brake failure, sensor gone , emergency brake warning on, engine light on as you can see in the screenshot below....Then i contacted the sales representative that introduced me to the car because when i first went to Bayridge Nissan on November 23rd, he was the one showing that car but it was in the back garage not in the showroom and mechanics were working on it ......he told me this is a good car we are giving the best price on it and convencing me thinking it was a good one. as matter of fact it was a defect car make the story short when i got in touched with the salesman this week and sent him videos and screenshots of the situation, he asked to come down with the car to Bayridge ..the car battery died 3 times and those 3 times i had to ask people for jump start and one of those times i was in Manhattan i had to pay 75$ for the helll a new car giving problem??? engine light on , Brake failure etc.... while it got only 6K Miles on make story short i went to bayridge yesterday morning they diagnostic the car and they said those problms had to be the wires under chew by Rodents thats why everything is failing.... i said what the hecck?? where is the evidence?? And they responded and said that the only thing that can cause it and worst they ( Service Manager and the guy in the service ) asked me to pay for it while I had all the warranty and gold package..... How a new car start giving problem?? not even 30 days .... I asked them to exchange my car because it defect that is from them, sales manager and General Manager told me i had to trade my car where i am gonna lose up to 10K from it and the new car i will pay up to 700$ per month.... I am paying 459.67 $ now........ Bayridge Nissan sold me the car with Rims had dents in it and Key could not start the car and they told the roof was original back from the manufacturer and it is a painted roof...... and now engine failed you want me to keep this trash....... to make story short the General Manager walked away and the other managers as well... they let me in the lobby all alone , they are so racist i dont know its because of my accent but you should take care of any customers no matter who they are and background ethnicity..... they dont care after selling a trash and they dont want to give me another car.......... worst i asked the salesman how i gonna go home, if they gonna rent me a car or sthg....he took me to the rental departement and they asked me to put down 400$...i am supposed to be the one to pay for it after selling me a defect car..... I had to go by train Home and everybody left me its like they almost locked me inside the showroom............ I am so disapointed ......PLease dont go to BAYRIDGE NISSAN and if you end up going to take no Gold package or premium because its all scam........ They are so raciiiiiiiist while they are taking care of other new customers and the salesman showed me they rent car for a customer while they have their car in their garage......Why not me??????????????? they are so jugdemental..... Please help me share this story with others !!!