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Nashua, New Hampshire 03063
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Jackie O

My Review of Best Ford Lincoln:
My review is quoted directly out of the letter I sent to the service manager of the dealership, the general manager of the dealership - and Alan Mulally, the CEO of Ford..... "On Thursday, February 19, 2009, I made an appointment at Best Ford to bring my truck in for rear brakes and state inspection that following Saturday. On Friday, February 20th, I received the automated service reminder call telling me I had an appointment for 8:45 am on Saturday, February 21, 2009. So that Saturday morning, we dropped my truck off at 8:30. The woman who waited on me when I brought the truck into the drive through area asked me what time I needed it back by. I told her I had an 8:45 appointment, but that as long as I had it back no later than 3pm, that would be acceptable. She wrote in big letters across my work order ?customer needs vehicle by 3pm?. I returned to the service department at 3:10pm, having driven the 25 minutes from my house. I had tried to call first to verify the truck was ready, but consistently got an answering machine. When I got to Best Ford, I didn?t see my truck outside in the usual location it would be following the service appointment. I went in and spoke with the gentleman who is always working on Saturdays at the kiosk in the drive-in bay. I told him I was there to pick up my vehicle. He said he hadn?t seen the paperwork yet and would go check. After waiting approximately 5 minutes, he returned to tell me they had JUST taken my truck in to START working on it. I was QUITE upset, since a) the truck had been there since 8:30am, b) I had a scheduled appointment for 8:45am and c) it was very specifically written ON the work order that I needed the vehicle by 3pm. When I mentioned all of this to the gentleman he replied ?Oh ? well ? we?ve been kind of busy today?. I told him that was not my problem and I wanted to speak to a manager. He disappeared for another 5 minutes, returning finally to tell me ?he?s in a meeting?. I asked what time the truck would be done, was told ?by 5:00, because that?s when we close? and then I left to drive 25 minutes back home. At approximately 4:30pm, I called the service department again to make sure the truck would be ready by the time I got there. The gentleman I had previously spoken to told me ?Oh, I was just going to call you. It?s done, you can come get it?. So, once more, my husband, 2 young children and I made the 25 minute drive to Best Ford. When I walked into the service area, the only thing the same gentleman working in the drive-through bay said was ?Follow me to the payment counter?. Along the way he told me about a $25 rebate for the brake service. I paid my bill and then left?.for the last time, ever. I find it APPALLING in this day and age, given the general lack of health of the automotive industry, that any dealer or service center would be this cavalier about customer service (or in this case, complete lack of). Not ONCE did anyone say anything to me that remotely resembling ?I?m sorry? or ?We realize we?ve inconvenienced you and we apologize?. At the VERY least, I would have expected a call from the service manager once he was out of said ?meeting?. The sad thing is ? this is not the first time I have had an experience with Best Ford service center completely disregarding a scheduled service time. I had a very similar experience there when I had the truck in for routine maintenance on August 2, 2008. " The following week, I sent the above letter to the service manager, copying the other individuals I mentioned above. Still no phone call from Best Ford. I did receive a "form letter" of apology in the mail with a coupon for $100 off my next service appointment (apparently they didn't read the part about me never returning there!). I DID receive a call from the CEO's office (or rather, a message on my machines) offering a number for me to call should I want to discuss further, their deepest regrets, and letting me know they had documented my issues. we bought 2 vehicles at this dealership 5 years agoior (both on the same day), and will be replacing those vehicles sooner rather than later. However, their service department blew any chance that we will shop for new vehicles at this dealership. Their loss.