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10570 Fairfax Blvd
Fairfax, Virginia 22030
SALES: (703) 385-8170

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Robin M

My Review of Brown's Fairfax Mazda:
This is the first car I've purchased on my own and I was determined to go to the dealership by myself. I came in pretty sure I wanted the Mazda 6. The sales guys were great! I test drove a Mazda 3 and a Mazda 6. Then we talked price. FYI - you sign lots of paperwork before they give you a financing offer. I stopped and asked, "at what point have I bought this thing." It took a while to come up with a financing offer because they were very busy that day. Also I think they could tell I was getting nervous. I'm from the South and they sent the manager, a fellow southerner, over to chat with me about Georgia football while I waited on financing information. This sounds patronizing, but I appreciated the distraction while I waited. He offered to let me take the car home for the night. (Who knew that was even a thing?!) When I got out of the dealership and on the highway, I knew this was my car. I was back at the dealership the next day to make the purchase, feeling much more confident than I was the evening before. Sarah in the financing office was a godsend! She talked me through all of the different warranties and service package options without any pressure and in ways I understood. (An ECP treatment is like a topcoat for your nails.) I walked out knowing I'd gotten a good deal on a car that I love from people I enjoyed working with!

Brown's Fairfax Mazda: Robin, thank you for taking the time to leave us this feedback. I am so pleased that Sarah and our team made your visit smooth and painless. We believe that's how every car buying experience should be. Please let us know if we can help you with anything else, thanks! Trey Rodgers, General Manager