#1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills

10855 Perry Highway
Wexford, Pennsylvania 15090
SALES: (412) 245-4520
SERVICE: (412) 245-4521
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Lynn F

My Review of #1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills:
I enjoyed the shopping and experience dealing with the sales people at Cochran Mazda. They were knowledgeable, friendly and helpful without being pushy. I did not like the interaction with the finance and insurance business manager, JJ. He was a bit pushy with the extra warranties. I initially agreed in the moment, but then thought better of having them and I had to follow up several times to get him to cancel them. He was not very responsive. I don't have much experience yet with the service department so I can't comment there yet. Overall, I enjoy driving the car, feel that it is a great value for all the features offered, and would recommend the dealer and the car to others.

Jen O

My Review of #1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills:
hands down..the best, easiest, most fluid car buying experience for me EVER...I am impressed and I will drive from the south hills to Wexford for service because the energy of this dealership is 2nd to none!!

Margie R

My Review of #1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills:

Leah V

My Review of #1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills:
The sales person, Nick Caruso, was very courteous and attentive. Also, Tony, the sales manager was very nice.


My Review of #1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills:
In 2017, I bought a brand new Mazda6 from Cochran Mazda in Wexford. At ~80,000 mile mark, the entire engine stopped working and I almost crashed when it died out on Interstate 279 with my two daughters in the sedan. Currently, I'm out $3,800 in out-of-pocket repairs for a new engine. It had just been to a lube shop as well (plenty of oil supporting the engine). I left three messages (at Cochran Automotive HQ in Monroeville and at Cochran Mazda Wexford) for David King and / or Jamie Birsic or any Mazda representative of theirs. They didn't return my calls (big surprise), until I started vocally complaining. Upon explaining what had happened, they seemed to have cared less and gave me no real solutions. In fact, eventually I had spoken with David King, he had a smart @ss attitude about the entire process. BTW, don't take all of the positive reviews to heart, I used to work in automotive reputation management and their sales people and crew are coached-up to get 5-star reviews upon making the sale. IOW, the positive reviews aren't from customers that have owned a car for longer than 30 minutes. They are loaded and might as well be considered fake. It's the same with those video recordings, where you see the "happy" customer walking out there door. If you want honesty, dive into their negative reviews. You'll find the truth there and always. Not so much with the loaded, positive reviews. Don't ever buy a Mazda or any vehicle from Cochran Automotive, that includes all of their rooftops (locations), not just Cochran Mazda (Wexford). Having purchased multiple vehicles from them in the past, they pretty much treat their customers the same across the board. They all have the same "we could care less, it's a you problem now" attitude. I know my growing kids and wife will never do business with a Rob Cochran entity again. There's that, tisk, tisk... I'll go to Baierl, even though I know it's owned by Lithia (out of the Pacific NW). Here come the pathetic, generalized apologies and rebuttal that mean very little at this point and are more than likely produced by a 3rd party, reputation management vendor or agency.

Nikki W

My Review of #1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills:
The service manager who handled my husband's appointment, Greg, was extremely disrespectful in handling the situation that arose after an estimate was given. We were not made aware that there was an $80 diagnostic charge to just look at the vehicle that we brought in because it was making a noise. All of the independent shops we've been to have never charged us a fee to diagnose a problem, neither has the other Mazda dealership we went to. We found a problem with the fact we were not made aware upfront about the charge and when my husband addressed the issue after the diagnosis was made, Greg, became extremely defensive, aggressive and disrespectful. No matter what happens, you must treat customers with respect and I do not feel this employee made his best effort to do the right thing and take responsibility in a respectful way. This is terrible and I would never recommend this service department to anyone.

Jennifer E

My Review of #1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills:
The browsing experience was thoroughly enjoyable. I was greeted, but not in a pushy way. Michael listened to my wishlist and found a way to make the numbers work for me. He was a good listener and found solutions so that I could find something I like for a price I would like to pay.

Jen O

My Review of #1 Cochran Mazda of North Hills:
Great Energy in this dealership! Friendly but not overbearing...great place