#1 Cochran Nissan Monroeville

3355 William Penn Highway
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15235
SALES: (888) 824-9020

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Cj C

My Review of #1 Cochran Nissan Monroeville:
I have purchased two other vehicles from this dealership and went with the expectation of receiving the same quality service I have received in the past. I was very straight forward with what type of information I wanted prepared ahead of time, on the phone with Chris (the sales person), before my arrival in regards to the trade-in I was offering. Point blank, I was not interested in any interactions that would constitute a waiste of my time. Bottom line, I was coming after a full day at work, Christmas was ten days away( no, I'm not ready), and to top it off it was raining. Prior to arriving I did not identify what type of car I wanted to purchase but told Chris if he could meet the price of the one I selected I would purchase that evening. The experience I had at the dealership was great because Chris listened and my total time there was 4 1/2 hours. From entry to exit- leaving with my 2012 SVAWD Rogue : ). This 4 1/2 hours included the greeting, the meeting over car options, the appraisal of my trade-in, the dance - that's when they write a bunch a numbers down on a paper about their dream of how much they want me to pay for the car, and then I tell them what I'm actually going to give them for the car... oh yes this stage also includes a visit from "the man behind the curtain-finance manager", and a free bottle of water, - the detailing of the new vehicle, and financing with Angela (who I always enjoy working with becase of her professionalism and humor). This fact alone is why I will return to Nissan East for my next purchase. I can't swear everyone's experience when they go there will be the same, (I did notice a couple who were there when I got there and still there when I left), but I know having an experience like mine is more than possible. In every car purchasing adventure I have had the sales person makes it or breaks it for me. In talking with Chris I found out he was in charge of doing their Internet sales at Nissan East as well. Maybe this is why he was in tune to me being time sensitive. In this economy there are two things I am not interested in waisting, my time and my money. Chris got that, and I got my 2012 Rogue.

michelle c

My Review of #1 Cochran Nissan Monroeville:

Anne M

My Review of #1 Cochran Nissan Monroeville:
I did all my reesarch and he knew it. Treated well and got what I wanted. Women need to do their research.

T. H

My Review of #1 Cochran Nissan Monroeville:
So my experience was personal and high communication, they texted me alot, and kept me in the loop. They dealt with the warranty on my 5 year old SUV and they arranged a loaner car -- i didn't pay for that, and appreciated it. They forgot to fix the back door, though, and so, they let me use the loaner, until they got that work complete.