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Samantha D

My Review of Cucci Ford:
ABSOLUTELY DO NOT BUY A VEHICLE FROM THIS DEALERSHIP! I made the 2hr trip to do a test drive of one of their vehicles to decide if I wanted it or another JGC at a nearby dealer. I HAVE REGRETTED THE DECISION I MADE EVER SINCE! The salesman was absolutely awful (I believe his name was Chris), being very clear he did not care about the sale and commonly leaving us sitting at his desk while he stood around talking with his co-workers. During the interaction I asked him if the Grand Cherokee had 4WD, just to make sure, and he assured me it did. He also told me that with the purchase I would receive 3 months free Sirius and that I MUST get new license plates, despite the fact that I'd paid for new IL plate stickers a week prior. We also discovered, upon our walk-around, that there was a dent in the front fender which he assured us he would have fixed before we drove away with it that day (as to avoid making the 2hr drive again). So, 7+ hours of paperwork and nonsense later (this is no joke-his lack of interest and chatty time with co-workers made this process agonizingly long) and we are ready to drive away... Only to discover that he had not yet spoken with the service department about the dent and we would be required to make another trip. And to top it all off, he said it would take more than a day so I'd be required to drive 2hrs, drop it off, and then drive 2 hrs back a different day to pick it up (but he'd fill up my gas tank, which helped). So, I leave.. Only to discover that my satellite radio does not work. So, I call Chris who says, "Well I told you I could offer you three months free, but then you never brought it up again so I didn't have it activated. You needed to request I do it." So he instructs me to take it to a dealership near me to have them activate it. Then, upon getting home, I realize my Jeep does not have the 4WD button the manual states it should. So, I reach out to Chris again to ask how to engage 4WD. He proceeds to tell me that he is unsure but that, "it is probably automatic so I wouldn't worry". When I reply to him that "probably" has me a little worried, since he told me prior to the sale that it did have it he gets extremely defensive, raises his voice, and says, "I don't like you insinuating that I sold you that vehicle under the pretense that it was 4WD." I obviously reiterated to him the fact that he did tell me that, and that the other person with me also heard it, to which he said, "That doesn't matter- you came to me wanting that vehicle, you didn't come to me asking for any 4WD vehicle." I was flabbergasted. (I ended up calling Jeep to verify that my vehicle was in fact automatic engaging 4WD, which it was, thank goodness). I then call the DMV the next day to ensure there is nothing else that needs to be done by me (as I'd sold my prior car private party) which is when I was informed that I in fact did not have to spend $200 on new plates and could have paid a small (I believe $29) fee to have my existing, personalized, plates transferred. So now I am beyond frustrated and decided it's time to reach out to a manager. The manager yelled, no exaggeration, at me saying, "You made the choice to pay the $200, not me. What do you want me to do for you?". I was mad beyond words. I clearly explained how I was told I could not leave that day without new plates to which I got the same "too bad" response and got so upset I started crying and had to hang up the phone (the conversation was pointless regardless-every time I tried speaking he raised his voice to talk over me and belittle me-it was awful). Fast forward a few weeks to setting an appointment to have the dent fixed. I was told that one of their service men lived close and would be able to pick it up and then drop it off for me to save me the drive. This sounded great until coordinating with that person became IMPOSSIBLE and it was clear he would never have time to do what he committed to. So, I said I would drive it to them and asked that they program my SXM, informing them it was still under it's 3yr warranty for a week. They told me they'd have it done the next day (Monday) and that their service man would return it. Well, surprise surprise, I did not get my car back for over a week and had to go pick it up myself because the service man wouldn't be able to get it to me for another 3-7 days (and the gas tank was completely empty, despite their promises). Then I get home ONLY TO DISCOVER THAT MY SXM HADN'T BEEN FIXED AND IT WAS NOW OUT OF IT'S WARRANTY. A few days later I take it to my nearest Jeep dealer only to discover it needs a whole new radio, not just an activation, which is costing me an arm and a leg since it's now out of warranty. Long story short, I wish I would have taken my $30k+ sale elsewhere and never had to deal with this headache. It has been a horrible experience and I have never felt so taken advantage of in my life. I urge anyone thinking about visiting here to reconsider- you will regret it.

Susan J

My Review of Cucci Ford:
Dave was very nice. If he didn?t know the answer to our questions he found someone who could. We went in at 8:00pm to look at our vehicle for the first time and never felt like we were being pushed to make a purchase or be rushed as it was close to closing time. My husband and I were treated with great respect. I?m the finance person in our house and was never looked down on at all. We made our decision that night to purchase the vehicle and are very happy with our purchase and price paid. Since our purchase I?ve had the vehicle in for the undercoating protection and interior protection application. Very satisfied with this service. Car came back immaculate!! Looking forward to a long relationship with Cucci Ford!!


My Review of Cucci Ford:
Salesman Anthony Presta would not budge on giving us $700 more on a trade in even though we were buying a vehicle over $10,000 and responded to my questions/concerns the next day via email with an "i dont care" attitude-basically kept saying if my safety wasnt a concern that he wasnt going to address anything. We received an email from CEO, Nick Cucci hoping we had a satisfying experience-perhaps this salesman was upset because i also copied CEO on emails... Maybe it was his first sale, dont know, but he failed to point out alot of things about the vehicle, thankfully it had the owners manual. We didnt know until we got home that several lugnuts were mismatched-they had put cheap ones on that go on under a hub cap-we requested that some be shipped to us and it was made out to be a huge ordeal, -we bought that car on 9/9 and still have not had any follow up from Cucci as they were supposed to have chevy send us the parts, but have yet to receive some petty, cheap lugnuts-never again will we deal with this salesman nor facility. Once its off their lot-it truly is Yours so beware. 11/6/17: UPDATE: Now going on 2 months since our purchase-still no lug nuts (which Anthony stated via email on Oct 12 that he personally paid for & ordered & would resend if we still had not received them)-No-nothing... We asked about xm radio/onstar-he said only NEW cars had that-hmm...get home-almost ran out of gas!! Again, he states only NEW cars have full tanks-really? why? no answer. We have bought several cars over the years & no dealership has ever been so Cheap & Petty ...& next few days after purchase xm gave 3 free months congratulating us on our purchase-We requested that the crappy lug nuts that looked like they belong to a car that has plastic "hubcap" on rims for actual chrome covers. Explained it may seem petty but kind of cheesy to sell a nice car & throw cheap mismatched lugnuts on nice rims-there also was a razor blade in the back seat-luckily child wasnt back there along with a full bottle of blue window cleaner in our trunk-razor blade concerning-but again, we just asked him to replace 6 lugnuts that didnt match-several emails went back & forth & Anthony insisted on a phone call to "hash" things out-we are very busy in day with stressful jobs & his signature line & website all say if you would rather text/email that is fine-there was nothing to hash out-just send us the lugnuts!...we just kept getting the run around-Even after writing the CEO Nick Cucci which also sent an email stating Cucci wants us to be completely satisfied & remain that way-when we wrote to explain-we have not heard from Nick Cucci as well! And we were "welcomed" to the cucci family? Nope-dont think so-more like an automated response to a car sale. In the end, Anthony was very upset that we put a "bad" review on google about him & stated he was advised to longer associate with us as he thought we were threatening-wow. Unbelievable. We will buy our cheap lugnuts elsewhere, but fact remains the same...POOR CUSTOMER SERVICE FROM SALESMAN/FACILITY & THEY JUST LOST THOUSANDS ON ANY FURTHER PURCHASE FROM US/FRIENDS/FAMILY-BEWARE!!

John C

My Review of Cucci Ford:
I work with many dealerships in the Chicago area (and other states) arranging leases and purchases for customers, friends and family. I can tell you there is a BIG difference in dealerships...they are NOT all the same. Cucci is one you'll want to work with for a new vehicle. When it came time to lease a new vehicle for myself, I investigated using Cucci Ford. I will do business with them in the future. Reasons noted below: 1. The dealership is well organized, clean, and inviting. 2. They will approach you immediately, but in a respectful and non pushy way. 3. They have a huge inventory available in the back. Don't be fooled by the amount of cars up front....they have wayyyy more in the back. ASK for what you are looking for, they probably have it. 4. They will work a great deal for you, but my advice is always the same. DO Your homework! Know the vehicle your looking for and the options available. Look up what the vehicle is going for. Know the value of your vehicle...if you are trading one in. The legitimate and fair dealers want you to be informed. They want to sell vehicles. Be informed and car buying can be very easy. The deal was great, they did what they said they would do. They are very straight forward...(no games like some dealers I've kicked to the curb) My vehicle was delivered in absolutely perfect condition!! Nice job by the service guys. I highly recommend Cucci Ford. I also recommend working with Dave Manseau. If you feel the need, the owners Neil and Nick (yes, they do actually work there) are approachable. Good luck.

Erin G

My Review of Cucci Ford:
We recently purchase a new vehicle from Cucci Ford and our sales representative was Anthony Carioscia and he was great. He was attentive to our needs and very friendly. I felt comfortable during the whole process.


My Review of Cucci Ford:
My husband & I purchased a vehicle from Cucci Ford. The first impression was great. Frank McGovern took us for a test drive on 2 different cars that we saw on Cucci Ford's website. Frank was willing to let us test drive as many as we wanted. He was very knowledgeable on the two cars we were considering and he was very patient. We purchased a Ford Escape. Great deal, and Frank was very thorough in explaining everything.

Nicole W

My Review of Cucci Ford:
Every walk into a dealership with your husband only to find the salesperson spends the entire time talking to and looking at the spouse? That was NOT the case in dealing with Cucci Ford. They all treated me with respect and valued my business. I did the negotiating and ended up with exactly the deal I wanted. Cucci Ford is first class in my book. Highly recommend.