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Sarah D

My Review of P & W BMW:
Three visits to service: First visit was to replace brake pads. I was able to schedule easily through the app and also received a cost estimate at that time as well. I was given the option to pay in advance through the app, but decided against doing that before I actually took the car in. At check-in they said I was close to needing an oil change. I said yes. They then told me about some extended plans I could buy and a two year unlimited oil change program for extra$ I said yes to to the oil change plan but no to the extended service sine I already purchased extended warranty. I still don't know how this option was different or better than the one I already have but it was another thing I could spend money on. Dropped car off, they provided ride share so that I could go home and not wait at the dealership. All communication was convenient and through text message but also calls if needed. I received a call halfway through the day to tell me that I also needed new rotors, so I signed off on that as well. So, even though I ended up needing more than what the vehicle prompted me to service, I was happy with the service overall. Definitely was way more money than what was originally quoted, but that's owning a BMW for you. Nothing is cheap and I don't blame the dealer for this. Second visit to service was to replace my head unit because the navigation function was not working when I purchased the car. P&W checked this out extensively but ultimately they needed to open a case with BMW because there wasn't a fix beside replacing the infotainment system. I dropped off the car for this replacement and P&W fixed me up with a loaner car (which was a 430i sedan!) This car was so hot, I was happy to leave them with my SUV while they took their time to fix just because the loaner was so fun to drive. The day after I dropped the car off, I got a text message with a video of my vehicle. The tech was behind my car while it was up on the lift showing me the tread on my tire and relaying how it is time for me to replace my tires. I told them to go ahead and do it, but then considered more seriously because this was the second service visit and the second time I was called to say I needed more, needed to spend more than what I was originally told. I get that they won't be able to see everything until they have it, but still, I felt it was sus. I was not given an estimate on the tires when I said they could just do it, but when I called back to ask, the total would be around $2k for four tires, This was way more than what I was prepared for during this complimentary head unit replacement, so I changed my mind on the tires. They were fine with this and went ahead with the repair. They had the car almost a whole week, but again, no problem because of the sweet loaner they gave me. When I got the car back, they didn't set up my Sirius radio so that I could listen with my subscription. I only noticed this after I left the dealership. I tried working with Sirius to resolve, but ultimately, they said the dealer needed to update my unit for it to work again. I love the radio so after troubleshooting w/Sirius, I took the car back to P&W to have them try and address this issue. I stopped in on a Friday afternoon, when they were very busy already. I had to push a bit to get some help that day, but eventually, they did take Bonnie (my car) down to update my satellite radio and I waited for a few hours in the waiting lounge while they worked. I was happy that I came in and was helped on the same day. This experience was probably the best out of them all because they took time to understand what the issue was and were able to bring my car in to handle it without scheduling another appointment. I guess I learned to be prepared to need much more than the intended visit. I don't blame the dealer, but it was a lot of extras added that I was not prepared for at the time I scheduled. I will still use P&W for service but I think the tires will have to be dealt with elsewhere.

Sarah D

My Review of P & W BMW:
I knew I wanted a BMW X3. I had researched specific dealers for months before making the trip to see one in person. Like a lot of people, I was taken aback by the "deals" online through Carvana and Vroom, but I know how important it is to have service, support, as well as to support local businesses. I was offered more on my trade through online retailers, but they weren't guaranteed and the car's history may be questionable. I did research on local BMW dealerships (of which there are two within 10 miles of me.) I found P&W BMW and Mini dealership in Pittsburgh online and I watched the pre-owned listings for some time. I found the SUV I wanted. Filled out information online to be contacted, but I wasn't bombarded with calls or emails. It was a gentle approach to the dealership and the majority of the interactions have happened after the sale. My sales guy, Dave Dzambo was patient, informative, and made me feel comfortable even though I was initially intimidated even walking in there. Every single person working at P&W made an effort to say hello, smile, and to make sure you have everything you need. Truly a luxury experience for a first time luxury girl. I took a test drive in the city, kind of tough to get a great feel when you're testing the ride out in city traffic but luckily, I had tested this car from a friend, so I knew I wanted it. The buying part of the interaction was also easy. Actually, that part was the easiest. I picked my plan to finance and, we went through all of the paperwork and then was redirected to the sales or service manager, to which I signed the documents of the sale. They have this desktop computer that is flat and serves as the top of the desk. Your paperwork shows up big right in front of you. You can enlarge print, take your time, and also sign the papers with this tech as well. I thought it made things even cleaner and easier to go through all of the options. Overall, I am ecstatic about my new car and the process of buying the car. I may be over my fear of walking into a dealership and handling everything myself. A+ for P&W BMW!