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Improve the car dealership experience for women and connect them to Certified Trusted Dealers that consistently demonstrate and deliver trust, respect and unbiased experiences as reflected in authentic reviews.

Buying a car is a process. Just because someone visits a dealership does not mean it's a sale. In fact, half of all women buyers go to three dealers or more. By translating the review data into mathematical formulas, we harvest the consumer journey to be inclusive and empowering.


Women have a significant voice and we amplify it. Our platform shows personalized reviews by women for women - and highlights dealers who engage in trend-setting customer experience.

  • Gender is a top filter of how humans experience the world. We get it, there is no universality of women. While other car dealer rating sites show mixed reviews, ours is more focused.
  • Why a dedicated space for women? There are hundreds of companies, groups and organization committed to serving the advancement of women's initiatives. Having a platform focused on car reviews for women allows these buyers to be heard, to share, to be empowered, to save time, to be reassured, to acknowledge, and to make a difference. Women want authentic reviews. These assessments have substance, relatability, and are a litmus test of how trustworthy a dealer is.
  • Women buy 45% of all vehicles at new car dealers and have independently purchased 38 million new cars in the past 5 years1. Buying in an environment of trust is the top reported reason women purchase at a dealer. Reviews help to locate businesses that already have this relationship in place.
  • Women use reviews 50% more than men. Reviews are a crucial part of why they choose a dealership.
  • Certified Trusted Dealers have a satisfaction rate of 97.1% - almost 12% higher than uncertified dealers. These are the businesses to visit first.


Dealers want to be allies with women car buyers. Our platform shines the light on car dealers who are engaging in trend-setting experiences. This means their environment and culture is trusting, respectful and welcoming. Not because they said so, but because it's been rated by women customers as such.


Women-Drivers Certified Trusted Dealer When researching, take the step to locate dealers that care most about trust, respect, and providing an unbiased experience. This certification is awarded to dealers that consistently demonstrate high standards reflected in authentic reviews by women customers.


Social responsibility is more than community service; it's about serving the community being marketed to. Consumers buy from car dealers because of services that make a difference. It is simply good business to create an inclusive, trust-based environment for all buyers.

Beyond a trusting, fair experience, here is what women want from their car dealership:

1. Loaner Cars: 67% of women surveyed request their dealership have loaner cars2 when going in for a service repair or warranty work.
2. Childcare: 1 in 4 women surveyed in their dealer's service department requested childcare3
3. 1 in 5 women buyers surveyed request childcare* when purchasing a car4

*Note: Childcare and the 'child play area' at dealerships are not the same. 1 in 6 moms, or 16%, miss appointments because of a childcare breakdown. Childcare provides families the opportunity to give their undivided attention to the buying process.


Women who are legal-aged drivers and have a valid driver's license can write a review. The dealer ratings and reviews in our platform are open for the general public and all are welcome and invited to read and view to help them make a more informed decision.


To write a car dealer review locate the "Write a Dealer Review" button found here. Search for a dealer by entering the correct spelling. Or type the zip code, mileage radius, and brand of the dealer. Find the dealer in the search results, click on the "Write A Review" red button and click on Purchase, Shop, or Service.


After completing a review, women are invited to participate in a survey. This survey is a more detailed questionnaire of your actual experience.

Join the thousands of women who have shared their true experience to improve the consumer journey at car dealerships.


We urge reviewers to use proper language that is suitable for the general public. has the right and authority to edit or remove a review if it has concerns about the authenticity, content, or vulgarity.

A review may be removed if it contains untrue, illegal, inappropriate, vulgar, slanderous, or libelous content or links to any other web sites containing such.

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