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January 14, 2011
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Pittsburgh 2010 Top Car Dealerships as Rated by Women

Dealerships are Rewarded for Earning the Trust of and for Being Customer Service-friendly to Women

PITTSBURGH - Who made the cut for the top car dealerships in Western Pennsylvania? The female consumer has spoken. While Women-Drivers.com has been successfully connecting women and families with Certified Women-Friendly™ Dealers, shoppers have been steadily rating their Browsing, Purchasing and Service experiences at various regional dealerships; and the results from the year 2010 are in.

Shadyside Honda was ranked highest by women in greater Pittsburgh. Also included on this list are Jim Shorkey KIA, Lexus of North Hills, Baierl Toyota, North Hills Toyota, Baierl Chevrolet, Baierl Acura, Rohrich Toyota and #1 Cochran Buick. Anne Fleming, President, Women-Drivers.com™, will be delivering the award certificates to these dealerships in January.

Certified Women-Friendly™ Dealers are leading the trend towards higher consumer satisfaction via the rising purchasing power of the purse; and these particular dealers are getting more leads and referrals. Women-Drivers.com™ allows women to Write Reviews about various car dealerships and educates and quickly connects consumers with Certified Women-Friendly™ Dealers in the United States.

How Consumers and Auto Dealers both benefit?
Dealerships would be wise to pay attention to the shifting demographics of the auto buyer as research shows that women influence up to 80% of car purchases: 54% of new cars in the United States are purchased by women and 68% of these women finance their purchase. More loyal than men, women request 65% of the mechanical service work done at dealerships. The online reputation management (ORM) tools are free of charge and allow dealers to engage and market to women based upon actual consumer reviews. The reviews are integrated into a dealership’s Facebook and Twitter sites -- social channels where women spend a lot of time on-line.

What Are the Criteria for Being a Certified Women-Friendly™ Dealership?
A dealership must have a minimum of ten reviews to qualify. For each review written, a rating is posted with scores ranging from a 5.0 (Excellent) to a 1.0 (Marginal). Each review falls under one of three categories: Browsing, Purchasing or Servicing. A Certified Women-Friendly™ rating of 3.8 or higher indicates that a dealership has earned the trust and reputation of being service-oriented towards women.

About Women Drivers
Women-Drivers.com is a review site where women rate their experiences at car dealers in the United States. Locate Certified Women‐Friendly Car dealers in your region and get the latest tips on buying and servicing your vehicle.

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