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What Can You Do With an Extra $3,000?

Women-Drivers.com has answers on how to save money at dealerships


Some women hesitate to negotiate for a variety of reasons: because they are not comfortable with it, for fear of looking cheap or because they do not want to be perceived as not nice. Others, yet, have a "must drive off the lot today" or a "just get it over with" attitude. When this happens, women pay an average of $1350 more for their vehicle, which balloons to $3,000 over the life of a loan.

The bottom line is women are quite capable of putting that extra $3,000 into their own handbags and accounts. What would women do if they had that extra money? Anne Fleming, Car Buying Advocate and President of Women-Drivers.com, in her practical and to-the-point style, says "That $3,000 helps women take better care of themselves or their families." For example:

  • A hefty deposit to this year’s Roth IRA
  • An emergency fund you’ve been talking about creating
  • Be used for the start of a 529 education plan
  • Go a long way towards tickets to 5 Caribbean Princess cruises
  • Or, 20 designer handbags or 50 pair of shoes
  • Or, 3 months of grocery trips for a family of four, or, 9 months for a single person
  • Or, 120 Starbucks or Panera gift cards

How can women avoid paying extra money at the dealership? Fleming advises "Do your research, be well informed and stay empowered during the entire visit." Women-Drivers serves as the #1 resource for women car buyers. Women-Drivers provides consumers the opportunity to write dealer reviews on their experience when Browsing, Purchasing or Servicing a vehicle at dealerships coast to coast. This allows women to support future car buyers in locating Women-Drivers Friendly™ car dealers in their city.

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