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October 2009
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Must Have 'Add-Ons' for Mom-Mobiles

Safety, Technical and Entertainment Features that help Moms Negotiate the Drive


Moms are masters at multi-tasking: they drive the kids to soccer practice, set the doctors appointments, keep the youngest ones entertained and feed everyone afternoon snacks, all within a given day. Women-Drivers.com, recently featured in Wall Street Journal and ABC News, is the premiere site which connects women and families to women-friendly car dealerships. With 39% of the moms on Women-Drivers spending at least 1.5 to 2 hours a day taxing the children to various places, Anne Fleming, company President and Car Buying Advocate, has recommended these safety, technology and entertainment features that are some of the top 'must have add-ons' for moms.

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  • Side-view and rear-view cameras help moms peek around corners at a blind intersection or see what is behind the car when backing into a parking space
  • Some car makers, including Mercedes, Volvo and Kia, offer technology that deters falling asleep behind the wheel. This system records a driver’s general behavior – speed and pedal pressure tendencies, for example, to create a standard of driving habits. If the driver is not operating at that level, the system estimates the driver is too tired to continue operating a vehicle and an alert sounds.
  • Select GM models offer OnStar, a safety feature that provides automatic crash response
  • Ignition breathalyzers prevent driving when under the influence of alcohol; a great resource for parents with young drivers
  • Innovative intuitive technologies, like Volvo’s Collision Avoidance Package, detects and alert moms when they are driving too close to another vehicle, and can even auto brake, if required


  • Apple iPod or MP3 connectivity & DVD entertainment systems with rear-seat player keep the kids entertained
  • GPS Navigation systems provides the most efficient route from the eye doctor to the piano teacher, with capability to avoid traffic and construction areas all while re-calibrating routes
  • Satellite radio offers music choices for every taste, and even kid-friendly stations
  • Climate control systems purify the air and eliminate airborne germs while keeping everyone happy
  • Bluetooth®-enabled communication offers hands-free driving for increased safety while on the road
  • Hands-free Microsoft’s SYNC is used exclusively on many Ford automobiles. SYNC is a speech engine that provides moms with voice control over the entertainment systems including external devices like USB and Bluetooth.
  • NAV and Radio systems that provide 24/7 weather and traffic forecasting
  • Portable MiFi network enables multiple users/devices to hook up mobile devices (laptop, netbook, camera.) Small, portable and easy for storage when traveling. Provides 4 hours of internet surfing time. $99 at Best Buy stores with 2 year contract; $59.99 monthly fee.
  • Last, and not least, the emergence of more hybrid cars – the selection from almost every auto maker is growing in the latest launch of 2010 models.

With vehicle options at various price points, every family can find the right mix of luxury, design, drivability and practicality. For more on the latest information about technology trends in automobiles, visit the Women-Drivers.com Trends Section.

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