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June 25, 2009
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What Do Women Experience When Having their Car Serviced?

Women-Drivers Provides Latest National Research


"The only criticism I have about any car dealer and their service department...is that there seems to be a direct correlation between the amount of labor and the bill charges...why does an oil change take 2 hours? Routine maintenance should be just that."

Lani R. in Virginia

"They never under quote. I usually pay less than I was expecting. I haven’t had to return my vehicle because something wasn’t working. I get timely updates from them"

Kelle M. in Florida

"I felt that I was taken advantage of, and I will never be back again. I would never recommend this dealership to any woman, because they clearly knew that I had no mechanical knowledge and took advantage of my ignorance."

Margie M. in Arizona

Women-Drivers.com published their first research findings after receiving thousands of reviews from consumers on their Servicing experience at car dealerships. The market research company, recently featured on ABC News, provides highlights of the latest aggregate Women Satisfaction Index or WSI® report, detailing what consumers actually experience when servicing their vehicle.

Where women have most of their service work completed:

  • The dealership where they purchased their car: 54%
  • Another dealership: 27%
  • Mechanic: 15%
  • Retail service center: 4%

Felt it was easy to schedule their service visit:

  • Yes: 61%
  • No: 39%
  • Felt they were treated respectfully by the service manager/ or advisor:

    • Yes: 71%
    • No: 29%

    Were informed of the progress of their service:

    • Yes: 83%
    • No: 17%

    Top reasons for not using the dealership’s service center:

    • Cost
    • Not satisfied with last experience
    • Location

    Of the women who did not use the dealership center, which amenities would encourage them go:

    • Media center: 42%
    • Coffee or café: 26%
    • Bistro or deli: 17%
    • Courtesy vehicle: 11%
    • Child care: 4%

    Car owner was satisfied with the cleanliness of the vehicle upon pick-up:

    • Yes: 93%
    • No: 7%

    Car owner will return to this service center for future needs:

    • Yes: 74%
    • No: 26%

    Demographics of all reviewers:

    • Age: 5.2% 18 – 24; 71.1% 25-54; 20.7% 55-64; 3.0% 65+
    • Marital Status: 47% Married; 34.4% Single; 12.1% Divorced; 6.5% Domestic partnership
    • Education: 13.3% Some College; 40.7% College graduates; 37% Post graduate degree; 9% Other
    • HHI: 23.7% < $49.9K; 45.9% $50 - $99.9K ; 30.1% %100K+

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