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What Do Women Experience When Browsing and Purchasing a Car?

Women-Drivers.com Provides Latest Research


Pittsburgh -
"The dealership experience was a very pleasant experience for me. My sales person did not pressure me, and presented me with options in an easy-to-understand manner. The dealership itself was spotless, the staff accommodating and the overall experience was very positive."

Mary C. in Florida

"I went with my brother, and I feel that the salesperson was talking more to him than me. He talked to me about cup holders, etc. but not about the engine."

Barbara T. in Pennsylvania

"My salesperson is great. She knows the vehicles and helps guide me through the purchase. She always follows up after delivery to address any concerns."

Nancy C. in Nevada

Women-Drivers.com published their first research findings after receiving thousands of reviews from consumers on their Browsing and Purchasing experience at car dealerships. The market research company, recently featured on ABC News, provides a snapshot of its aggregate findings, detailing what consumers actually experience when browsing and purchasing a vehicle.

Websites women research before buying a car:*

  • Manufacturer: 52%
  • Dealership: 44%
  • Kelly Blue Book: 44%
  • Auto Trader: 33%
  • Edmunds: 31%
  • Consumer Reports: 22%
  • Other: 11%

How many dealerships did women visit:

  • 5 or more: 11%
  • Four: 5%
  • Three: 33%
  • Two: 27%
  • One: 24%

Emotions women experience when browsing versus purchasing:*

  • Excited: 44% when browsing vs. 69% when purchasing
  • Apprehensive: 45% when browsing vs. 33% when purchasing
  • Confident: 17% when browsing vs. 31% when purchasing
  • Intimidated: 34% when browsing vs. 16% when purchasing
  • Relaxed: 28% vs. 29% when purchasing
  • Confused: 19% vs. 4% when purchasing
  • Overwhelmed: 34% vs. 19% when purchasing

Who women visit the dealership with when browsing versus purchasing:

  • Alone: 43% when browsing versus 57% when purchasing
  • If a partner or friend is brought along, the person is a male 78% of the time when browsing and 87% of the time when purchasing

Women who feel they were treated the same way as a man would be:

  • 92% of women who purchased a car felt there was equal treatment, versus 54% of browsers

Why women buy from a particular dealership:*

  • Dealership reputation: 47%
  • Salesperson’s service and approach: 40%
  • Sales person’s customer service: 40%
  • Best Model/Selection: 27%
  • Best financing options: 20%

What influences her purchase decision:*

  • Brand/Model reputation: 50%
  • Style/Design/Safety: 39%
  • Dealerships services: 38%
  • Price: 31%
  • Green/MPG: 13%

Women were satisfied with their financing methods:

  • Yes: 87%
  • No: 13%

Women purchased:

  • New: 60%
  • Previously Owned: 29%
  • Leased: 11%

What additional amenities would women like to see at their dealerships:*

  • Media center: 43%
  • Coffee/café: 40%
  • Courtesy vehicle: 25%

How many insurance companies were contacted prior to purchasing a car:

  • None, maintained the same carrier: 78%
  • Received one quote: 16%
  • Received 2 or more quotes: 6%

Other data reported showed:

  • 91% of those who purchased a car were satisfied with and would recommend their salesperson, versus 43% when browsing
  • 71% received follow up communication after buying, versus 88% when browsing
  • 95% felt salesperson was directing the communication towards them when buying, versus 71% when browsing

Household incomes of Women-Drivers.com reviewers:

  • 39% have a household income of $50,000 – 99,999
  • Over 25% of the women surveyed have a household income of $125,000 or more

Demographics of Women-Drivers.com reviewers:

  • Power Mom’s (age25-54): 70%
  • Married, 2 income house: 47%
  • College graduates: 41%
  • Post graduate degree: 37%

*Responses can add up to more than 100% because multiple responses were allowed

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