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Where Will Busy Moms Turn For Their Auto Needs?

Women-Drivers.com Poised to Assist Women with their Auto Needs


Pittsburgh –
Where will millions of loyal Chrysler and GM car buyers go for their next purchase or service visit? With 1,800 dealers closing, many consumers will be buying a car from a new dealership for the first time in years. Where will these "orphaned owners" go? What dealership should they trust? Do women really have time to go to 4 or 5 dealerships to decide where to buy their next vehicle? Women-Drivers.com, the premiere site for women and families with automotive needs, provides a solution.

Women-Drivers.com connects women and families to certified Women-Drivers Friendly® dealerships. Women answer questions about their actual Purchasing, Browsing and Service experience. Based upon these easy to answer surveys, dealerships with a score of 3.8 to 5.0 are recognized as Women-Drivers Friendly®. This assists women in locating the Women-Drivers Friendly™ dealers in her city. ABC News featured Women-Drivers as a go-to site both before and after visiting the dealership.

Nationally, women pay $1,350 more for a car when they do not negotiate. With interest, that translates to over $3,000 over the life of a car loan. This number represents a lot of gasoline, diapers, groceries, handbags, dinners, or a family vacation. Women-Drivers.com is the resource that assists consumers in locating dealerships that have a great relationship with this powerful purchasing group.

"Women influence the purchase of 80% of vehicles. That, along with what women spend on service work, equates to $200 Billion dollars worth of purchasing power at car dealerships in our country. Yet, the process of buying a car is uncomfortable for many women," says Car Buying Advocate and President, Anne Fleming. Women-Drivers.com is a 360◦ solution provider assisting consumers with all their auto needs. Women have the opportunity to hone their negotiating skills by taking a test, which provides a custom negotiating approach for the process.

Women-Drivers keeps users engaged with other features including "Her & His" car reviews, technology trends, maintenance terminology, and the latest in child safety. A video section titled "Don't Get Chicked" highlights interesting scenarios of empowered women at the dealership.

Women-Drivers™ collects the experiences, preferences and demographics and makes them available via WSI INSIGHT™ subscriptions. These reports provide educational tools for the dealerships clients to improve their service to women.

About Women-Drivers.com

Women-Drivers.com connects women & families with certified Women-Drivers Friendly™ dealerships. Consumers rate their Browsing, Purchasing and Service experiences at 16,500 dealerships in the United States. The company markets Women Satisfaction Index™ subscriptions which provides personalized analytics showing what women really experience, allowing dealerships to improve their level of service to this powerful purchasing group.

Contact 412.327.2604 to schedule Anne Fleming for an interview. Learn more at www.womendrivers.com.